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Want to meet 400 Qualified Prospects?

Become a sponsor of Web Analytics Wednesday in Denmark

Two times a year, we open the gates to WAW – Web Analytics Wednesday.

A specialized Digital Analytics and Optimization Event with around 400 enthusiastic professional participants who gather on a Wednesday evening, simply because they love their work.

To enlighten, entertain and educate them, we gather a series of passionate international speakers for a 4-hour event of insights and networking.

We twist our minds to summon the most exciting, dynamic and innovative analytics experts from around the globe. Right in the center of Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Former keynote speakers have included Mike “ipullrank” King, Eric Peterson, Clancy Childs, Jeff Saur, Chris Goward, Craig Sullivan, John Ekmann and Simo Ahava.


Expect the "best rated" Analytics speakers through the ages – bringing their A game to the stage.

But since the event is free to attend – we need your help to make it all possible.

What’s in it for you as a sponsor?

Lots. You get:

  • Stuck in the minds of 2,000 digital marketing professionals via the invitation, the event and the follow-up
  • 20 minutes on the center stage, with a direct opportunity to baffle and thrill the entire WAW audience
  • In contact with Denmark’s most dedicated web analysts and online optimizers
  • To set up banners, hand out pens/blocks/materials. Whatever works for you
  • To set up a booth in the front room

Is it worth it?


  • The sponsorship costs 5.000 euros, but we spend it wisely and everything goes to the venue rent and great food.
  • The audience is here to listen. 5 % students, 20 % consultants and 75 % end clients
  • We only have 4 sponsorships, so you become part of a very select crowd

Even better:

Chose a company case for a later WAW event, and you get to present it in up to 30 minutes.

So your sponsorship gives you a total of 50 minutes on stage, spread across 2 events and 2 different audiences from the flourishing Danish online community.

So what do you wanna talk about?

You decide.

Expect an audience of clever digital nerds. 20 minutes of yada yada on how great you are and an overview of your products simply won’t cut it.

Instead, feed them research, thoughts, passion, clever things that simplifies their everyday work. Feed them nerdy techy stuff and vivid real life examples…

That’ll work.

What to do?

Get in touch with us at → steen@iihnordic.com ← and let’s talk about, what we can do for you.

Secure your WAW sponsorship, give a masterful presentation, and take your seat between your fellow web analytics experts of the World.  

Former sponsors have included Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, WebTrekk, Tealium, SImilarweb, Monetate and many other great brands.


Since WAW was founded back in 2005, the event has continued to grow in size, from 20 souls to 500 strong. 4,000 people and 100 cities across the globe have been part of Web Analytics Wednesday so far, and the sky’s the limit.

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