Wednesday, February 26th 2020 - Review

Thank you for being a part of a memorable #WAWCPH!

Amazing talks, international and local speakers, insights and discussions amongst attendees. A sell out event and once again a great buzz catching up with old friends and making new connections. At this WAW we had the pleasure of welcoming Marie Lykke Lützhøft, Niclas Malmhagen, Wojciech Zak, Robert Johnson alongside keynote Julius Fedorovicius.


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26 August 2020

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Speakers at Web Analytics Wednesday 26th of February 2020

Julius Fedorovicius

Founder of Analytics Mania, Consultant, Instructor

Founder of Analytics Mania, Consultant, Instructor

Julius Fedorovicius is a digital analytics consultant helping businesses make the most out of their Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setups.

Julius is very active on his blog, analyticsmania.com. Also runs online courses, on-premise workshops and is always looking for new ways to teach his craft. As of this moment, he has helped thousands of students to get up-and-running with Google Tag Manager.

You can follow him at www.analyticsmania.com, twitter @fedorovicius or Linkedin.

When You Really Need Custom Data in GTM but a Developer is not Available

In this keynote, Julius provided tips and tactics on how to use Google Tag Manager and access custom data that may already be available on a web page… Without developer’s input.

Marie Lykke Lützhøft

Head of Data Analytics & CRM, Bonnier Publications

Head of Data Analytics & CRM, Bonnier Publications

Marie Lykke Lützhøft is concerned with the results that can be created within data informed marketing that give the customer the best experience and the company the best result across owned and paid media. In 2018, she was one of the main people responsible for implementing the Google 360 suite in Bonnier Publications, focusing on priority use cases and including machine learning models based on data collected in Google BigQuery.

Marie has worked with CRM and data for +13 years and has great experience with creating results and running projects with a focus on subscription and digital business development, primarily in the media industry.

Creating a Market-Leading Data Setup in 6 Months

Organizations are not making the most of their available data. Therefore, many companies need to think a new data strategy into their business. Marie drove deep into why Bonnier Publications was in need of a new data setup, using case driven examples to show how they did it, what was possible, what they have learned and earned, and next steps.

Niclas Malmhagen

Business Developer Nordics, Channable

Business Developer Nordics, Channable

Niclas is passionate about guiding digital agencies and advertisers with his expertise in data feed automation to help them get their feed marketing to the next level.

Originally from Sweden, Niclas discovered the true power of eCommerce by seeing the global economy in action through his international upbringing.

How Feed Automation Can Get You to the Next Level

Collecting, analyzing, and optimizing your data is a must when you are working within eCommerce. As marketing experts, you have the brains to create the best strategy. But, do you always have the right tools to carry it out?

In this session Niklas explained how you can automate your feed advertising, enabling you to focus your human touch where it is needed most.

Wojciech Zak

Digital Analytics Manager and Data Strategist, Aller Media

Digital Analytics Manager and Data Strategist, Aller Media

Wojciech manages all the data and analytics-oriented aspects of business in Aller Media, ensuring that the insights collected in Aller Media operations can be used for optimization and constant development of new ideas. Wojciech thrives when working in a diverse environment of marketers, innovators, developers, commercial managers and editors. He preaches the value of the data, measuring what can be done and visualizing the impact, while democratizing “the truth” across the organization and ensuring a range of communication across a variety of people. Wojciech is also an ex IIH’er with 5 years of experience.

The Harvest is Plentiful but the Workers are Few

Wojciech shared his experiences in how he and his team managed to navigate the chaos and introduce digital culture into his organization. In this presentation, Wojciech walked WAW attendees through his work methods and some of the key projects that contributed to the increase of digital relevance in Aller Media, a company that is undergoing serious changes. Wojciech presented his personal reflection about digital culture coming from his experience with various companies that he has worked with in the past.

Robert Johnson

Head of Cloud & Analytics, IIH Nordic

Head of Cloud & Analytics, IIH Nordic

Robert Johnson enjoys building stuff, whether it is through carpentry, digital solutions, data foundations, teams, or departments. As an analytical extrovert, he enjoys sharing best practice, public speaking and applying agile leadership skills to achieve high productivity.

WAW CPH Partners

Web Analytcis Wednesday is a free event and is for everyone, therefore this would not be possible without the fantastic sponsors that are always ready to take part in the biggest and most fun analytics event of the year.

Earlier Talks at WAW CPH

Web Analytics Wednesday Oct. 30, 2019

On October 30, 2019, IIH Nordic held the second Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen 2019 alongside sponsor Tealium. Check out this video to hear from the amazing speakers: Krista Seiden, Sarah Faber Petersen, Anna Kiljunen, Marta Florentyna Saratowicz and Nicola Strand (host).

Simo Ahava – You Can’t Spell Measure Without Customization

Plug-and-play analytics doesn’t work – we should know that by now. But even an amazing, super-charged analytics pipeline will fail in an organization that lacks the maturity to maintain it. In this talk, Simo Ahava will talk about how “customization” is at the heart of any successful analytics venture.

Patrick Kitchell (Microsoft) – The Collapse of Social Media Engagement

Patrick is a veteran of CRM, social media and a vocal thought leader pushing the boundaries of technology and data.