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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that we save on your computer, to be able to see what happens during your visit and to be able to remember your computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain a virus.

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Cookies are needed to make a webpage work. They also help us by giving us an overview of your visit on the page, for us to continuously update and measure the webpage compared to your need and interests. For example, cookies remember if you logged in, what you put in your shopping cart if you visited the seriously etc. In addition, we have the opportunity to let the system remember what you as a user have wanted to buy, as well as remember the information to be used in connection with a possible. buy so this should not be repeated several times.
We also use cookies for registering the profitability of several online marketing activities, and to deliver targeted online advertisement, when you visit other commercial pages. This also applies to questionnaires, analysis and similar. By every activity on the webpage, we register where you click and how you use the webpage.
Here is an overview of the webpages use of cookies and our partners related to cookies:

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You can always refuse cookies on your computer by changing the settings of your browser. Where you find the settings depend on which browser you are using. Please note, that if you refuse cookies, many functions, and services, will no longer be functioning, as many actions and services on web pages expect to remember the choices you have made.

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Cookies that you previously accepted can, later on, be deleted. If you are using a PC with an update browser, you can delete your cookies by using this shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete
If this does not work, and/f you are using a MAC, you need to find out what browser you are using, and then click on the corresponding link:

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Do you have further questions?
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This is how you make a complaint about a webpage’s cookie information
This web page is owned by Internet Intelligence House Nordic A/S (IIH Nordic), and if you as a user feel that this webpage does not comply the regulations for cookie policy, you can send your complaint to IIH Nordic.

Send your complaint to IIH Nordic at The complaint should include :

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IIH Nordic will then process your complaint within a reasonable time.