Google 360: step into the future

For years now, data collection or “big data” has been an increasing point of interest for companies, who slowly start to realise the power of data collection and what an asset it can be turned into. Companies need to change the way they think about it and how to generate comparative advantage with it. Once data is gathered it is available forever and this should not be underestimated, but this data needs to be transformed into a customer DNA, and this is the step where most companies fail. Invest now in future knowledge: analyse the past to forecast the future, and get to know your customers.


Data can be gathered from the most versatile places on the web including E-commerce and retail sites, social media and many others. Gathering data is the first step to get a broader understanding of your consumers online; obtain knowledge now and use it to create future ties to your consumers and optimize their experience with your brand.

Harnessing this data can be made available for each and any of us with the right tools. Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. Thus, choosing the right tools is of great importance(!).

Which is why we would like to introduce you to your new success tool: Google 360 and the Google 360 suite.


This new and scaled up concept that is Google 360 permits you to get a panoramic and centralised view of all your channels and all your consumers at once, but most importantly it permits you to get a panoramic view of each individual customer: from all perspectives, on all devices and from all touchpoints. With its seven available tools; analytics, tag manager, optimize, data studio, surveys, attribution and audience center.


The Google 360 suite is the tool to transform your data into your company’s greatest asset.

Analytics 360, in contrast to the free version of Google Analytics, allows access to an unsampled data. Un-sampled data enables an even more precise insight into the data that is collected, and this data is easily integrated with all the other 360 suite products, as well as with other Google products such as AdWords and DoubleClick. Un-sampled data also allows you to enrich your understanding as well as take individually targeted actions, which has not been possible so far.

Another tool that will be very favorable to every marketer is Attribution 360, which permits to understand from the data where the money is best spent and where the return on investment comes from in, based on data from a variety of channels.

Data studio 360 has now been introduced in Denmark and permits the creation of individual dashboards, all based on the highly precise data coming in from Analytics 360. Also, data from Youtube, AdWords and DoubleClick integrates smoothly into data studio.


These are only just a few from the new possibilities the Google 360 suite offers. If you want to know more about Google 360 and the advantages it offers, join us on our morning brief about the Google 360 suite in April.

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