Google’s Refreshed Privacy Playbook

November 2021

Google has just refreshed their global privacy playbook for 2021, which focuses on driving success in the changing privacy environment. The playbook takes you, step by step, through collecting, measuring, and activating data to help equip you with the latest insight and cases (as well as the relevant tech in which to do so). It’s a great way to prepare yourself as 2022 approaches.

It’s filled with cases from Walmart, Hyatt, Pepsico, TUI, ASOS, MandM Direct, Rituals, Alaska Airlines, and… Nemlig! This year, IIH Nordic’s case in collaboration with is included as one of the cases demonstrating how businesses can build direct relationships with customers and have the right tools in place to manage first-party data.

Using Google Tag Manager Server Side and Google Consent Mode, Nemlig was able to:

  • Measure 40% more conversions

    Nemlig recaptured business critical data on conversions that would have been lost due to cookie compliance

  • Increase site load speed by 7%

    As a result, Nemlig was able to improve online user experience

  • Unlock access to business critical data

    With the ability to recapture lost data, Nemlig strengthened their ability for marketing and web optimization, customer segmentation, and improving insight and personalization of the customer journey

  • Protect consumer privacy and remain compliant with Danish and EU regulation

    The solution ensures anonymity, protecting the users and protecting Nemlig: The increased control over data can increase users’ trust and reduce the risk of fines

but why spoil the story by telling you everything here! Have a look at the marketer’s playbook for delivering performance and privacy.

This isn‘t a solution that’s just suited for Nemlig... it‘s a solution that’s relevant now!

Data loss is impacting every organization that is cookie compliant. Furthermore, data quality is affected by all visitors arriving from Apple devices.  These 2 issues have been top of mind by digital minded organizations for more than a year and IIH Nordic has developed a solution with a privacy first design.

Please let us know if you are interested in discussing how this solution would benefit your organization. We are available at and Talk to you soon!   |   |   +45 70 20 29 19