Is Google Analytics becoming illegal in the EU?

An Austrian ruling that Google Analytics violated the GDPR by transferring the user’s personal data to Google in the U.S.A. is drawing catchy headlines.

But if the use of Google Analytics becomes illegal for all EU based websites, wouldn’t the use of Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Adobe or any other US company based tech also become illegal?  

The Austrian ruling goes to the extreme example of the possibility of revealing PII through underwater cable tapping, combined with the brainpower of the NSA having the possibility to decrypt and piece together the identity of persons.  Where is this going?

The thought of not using US-based companies in our daily work and lives is incomprehensible and we believe common sense will prevail before long.

Before re-considering using Google Analytics, you should consider what the real problem is: Tracking personally identifiable data in Google Analytics and not having control over your data. IIH Nordic are specialists in developing  privacy-first design of your tracking setup and data collection and this has been on our agenda for years.  


Here are 3 ways IIH Nordic works with Google Analytics to achieve privacy first, respect GDPR and maximize commercial performance:

  1. Respect cookie privacy and be certain your cookie management process is working as intended.  IIH Nordic offers compliance reviews, as well as setup and configuration of tracking to adhere to Cookie Law and GDPR.
  2. Control and manage your data collection server-side – this is the new black enabling privacy by design.  IIH Nordic is a world leader in use cases involving online data management, anonymization of tracking and maximizing commercial performance by activating data across silos.
  3. Utilize your privacy-focused Google Analytics data to form relevant communication, products and services that win consumer trust.  IIH Nordic forms data utilization strategies designed to win trust, boost commercial performance,  and improve cookie consent rates.

We make a living out of forming online data management and utilization solutions that accelerate business performance. Engage with us and learn what we have to offer.