YouTube vs Facebook vs TV Commercials: The Video Marketing Turf War

Battle lines were drawn in 2014 when Facebook made a bold and stronger move into the online video marketing space, a territory dominated by Google’s YouTube.

Video advertising was headed for social media, but it is traditional TV that was in the firing line when it comes to advertising effectiveness.

Rather than looking at YouTube versus Facebook, for marketers it may be more relevant considering the combination of YouTube AND Facebook, and re-evaluate the efficiency of traditional media. In this case, moving more advertising focus from Television to YouTube and Facebook.

Television consumption/TV Commercial effectiveness is down

Television has played a big role in advertising over many years, in the pre-internet era.  The move to online media consumption has had a direct impact on the traditional TV audience, which has resulted in a reduction in efficiency of TV advertising.

‘Cutting the Cord’ is a global phenomenon where people are cancelling their tradition TV service, and connecting the home TV to the internet (Through devices like Apple TV or Chromecast).

YouTube is the World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine

Second only to its big sister Google, YouTube is the place that people go to when looking for answers. Many of these questions will be in relation to the purchase of a product or service. Advertising on YouTube enables a brand’s message to appear alongside a relevant YouTube video.

It is also important to note that when people do a Google search, YouTube videos often appear on the first page.

Facebook today has 1.8 billion active users (& growing)

Facebook has the largest and most advanced segmentation users, as we all have entered our private data, interests and activities. Facebook advertising has vastly improved its campaign targeting capabilities, and with video served through mobile and tablet apps.

Facebook video consumption today is pretty much ‘incidental’ activity. When considering your Facebook video marketing strategy, keep in mind users do not go to Facebook to ‘search or research’. It is predominantly a social medium, where people check what their network is up to, but also updates from the pages that they follow.

Make your Facebook Video Marketing Speak without Audio

Most videos on Facebook are consumed on the newsfeed, and are consumed without audio. This means that your content/advertisement should tell the story visually, either with supporting text or with the right actions and props.

Measure Video Ad Performance

Both YouTube and Facebook offer performance data on how your videos are consumed. Use this information to improve your future video content, as you can see where users have dropped off or where they have clicked through.
Today’s video advertising can reach targeted audience, it is important to make sure that your advertisement has a good call to action relevant to this audience. It is important to remember that the standard 30 second TVC format will hardly ever directly translate to online and most definitely not for mobile consumption.

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