A question of competence
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With focus on the business-related and communicative possibilities of the internet, we move in a narrow world of specialists and only few people have the competencies that suit our needs. Therefore, we are often exposed to the situation of educating our employees from the outset.

We keep learning and utilise our competencies
Therefore, we put education and feedback in mind. Both management and employees learn and improve their skills all the time, and we become better at exploiting each other’s skills and abilities.

We are smarter when we go home
For the same reason our daily life is not predictable, but influenced by the search of knowledge, discussion of concepts, hunting results and an open dialogue. The only thing we can guarantee every day is a smile and that we are smarter when we go home than when we came.

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Andrea Haaber Ihle



Unsolicited applications

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What current employees think about working at IIH

Keld Bøg

Senior SEO Specialist

"I appreciate working in a place where there is a big focus on employee satisfaction and the possibilities of constantly growing and developing my skills"

Camilla Krogh Christensen

Digital Marketing Specialist

"At IIH Nordic I am allowed to develop and explore my ideas in order to grow and improve my skills within my area of interest and expertise"

Joachim Specht

Analytics Strategist

"At IIH Nordic I am given the opportunity to help companies succeed with their digital businesses. In addition, I am able to get expertise from some of the brightest people in our industry"

Jomar Reyes

Head of Events & Partner Relations

"A place where my many years of business experience can be combined with the latest technology and trends. I love working with great minds, both at IIH and with our partners"