Automation led to 85% increase in turnover

Automation with custom labels meant we could identify high-margin products from the product feed. Accordingly, we were able to optimise the campaign structure to assign strategies for specific products.

85% increase in turnover

68% more transactions

22% increase in conversion rate


The overall challenge

The challenges were due to high costs on low margin products, which led to low ROAS for the client, as most of the budget was spent on advertising products that did not perform well.

Our solution

By using custom labels to automate the process of segmenting product inventory into different product groups, we were able to identify high-margin products from the product feed. Having done this, we could rearrange the campaign structure accordingly and assign specific strategies for these products.

Main results

By prioritising high-margin products, we could see an overall performance boost on customer shopping campaigns:
85% increase in turnover
68% increase in transactions
22% boost in conversion rate

Thomas Hermann

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IIH Nordic’s digital marketing department works to build relationships between companies and their customers. Led by Thomas Hermann, Head of Digital Marketing, the specialists tackle issues such as banner advertising, Google Ads and guidance to ensure the right mix is chosen for the company’s message and target audience.

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