Harness the power of your data using the Cloud

IIH Nordic is a proud Google Cloud partner and is committed to enabling customers to achieve success with data-driven marketing. Learn about our service offerings below, from data strategy workshops to connecting data from multiple sources in a dashboard, to recapturing lost data due to cookie compliance.

Do you have a strategy for your data?

Leverage the value of a prioritised roadmap. Break through data silos that can come as a result of separate departments, separate systems, and separate reporting. Gain access to the right data to enhance decision taking.

IIH Nordic offers data strategy workshops to enable your organization to answer the right questions and get started on the path to success.

Definition: What is a Data Strategy…

And the questions it should answer?

IIH Nordic offers data strategy workshops to enable your organization to answer the right questions and get started on the path to success.

An example of a roadmap created as a result of a data strategy workshop

A good DATA STRATEGY provides a ROADMAP of USE CASES preferably in the next 3-6 months where the VALUE and RESOURCES required are clear

  • 1. Chart Goals

    By individual stakeholder, including KPIs

  • 2. Map the technology

    Identify your technology platforms that influence performance with the goal of moving more processes into the Cloud

  • 3. Form Use Cases

    List ideas on how to reach your goals using the technology you have at hand

Machine Learning

With machine learning, you can automize repetitively and time-consuming manual tasks and receive new insight into customer behavior considering the intelligent prediction.

You could, for example, predict user behavior and target your customers with relevant messages, improve the user experience at your site with intelligent load speed optimization, identify abnormalities in complex datasets in real-time before the problem starts costing you money, or, automize prioritization of messages from customers.

At IIH Nordic we have helped businesses with developing and implementing innovative machine learning solutions, that intelligently, and efficiently reduced their costs and increase their revenue.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis can be used to unlock a range of benefits. Predictive analysis gives you the opportunity to predict a result or action based on existing data.

Our use of predictive analytics takes advantage of our knowledge of data to predict, for example, the churn risk for a specific user, or what communication channel the user will use next time, based on the existing online behavior.

This knowledge can prevent a customer from ending up at a competitor, predict new trends, or help you understand what products are most ideal to the customer.


In business, there are leaders, specialists, generalists, experts, and strategists, who all need different sets of data and KPIs.

Data should be communicated based on needs, and all irrelevant data should be sorted out. With an interactive and dynamic dashboard, everyone in the business has their own access to the data and the tools.

We build dashboards as a data application. This means, that the dashboard is like dynamic field across all your analytic tools. Through your own log-in, you can access the tailored data where you can decide yourself how it should be presented,  and you can easily sort out irrelevant data, or dig deeper into elements of your interest.

We build dashboards in, among others, Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI.

Campaign Dashboard

Take a marketing department with local markets that are in need of one consolidated dashboard to enable campaign optimization. The dashboard may require connecting a variety of data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, SoMe data, and newsletter data. Using Google BigQuery, IIH Nordic can connect the data in one dashboard to fit the needs of the markets.

As a result, they can achieve:

  • Improved decision making from consolidated data
  • Valuable time saved in avoiding difficult and time consuming work bringing the data together
  • Optimized campaigns with one view to show performance for all campaigns (running and past)
  • Benchmarking both internally and cross-market to determine successful campaign outcomes
  • Automated reporting resulting in increased efficiency and productivity, and improved analysis capabilities

Recapture Lost Data

Have you checked if you are losing data?

Data loss is top of mind and companies are not prepared. The more organizations improve cookie compliance and introduce cookie consent pop-ups, the more data that is being lost. As a result, markets do not know which marketing channels are most effective and traffic to websites appears low (leading to false insights). Have you checked if you are losing data?

Recapturing lost data unlocks a range of benefits, but it still needs to be compliant and protect user’s data. You can achieve that through IIH Nordic’s solution, using GTM Server-Side and the speed and scalability of Google Cloud.

The value you unlock

  • Recapture lost data

    Recapture business critical data

  • Maintained privacy and reduced risk

    Respect visitor privacy and manage your data server-side, reducing risk and maintaining compliance

  • User experience

    Increase page speed, which equals improved user experience and can lead to an increase in conversion rates

  • Durability

    Gain more reliable attribution results, allowing marketers to optimize campaigns accordingly

  • Security

    Gain more control over your data and where it is being sent


Google Cloud awards Expertises to partners who have demonstrated customer success across Google Cloud products and industries. As a result of IIH Nordic’s Google Cloud cases, IIH Nordic has achieved the following:


Google Cloud Analytics, Google Cloud ML & ML APIs, Google Cloud Storage & Delivery


Data lake modernisation, Marketing technology


Media & Entertainment, Retail & wholesale, Small & Medium Business


IIH Nordic’s certified team is able to design, build, and operationalize data processing systems, operationalize machine learning models, and ensure solution quality.

Cloud Case Studies

Bonnier Publications in Denmark is one of the largest publishers of magazines both in print and now increasingly with a large online presence.  IIH Nordic’s Machine Learning model and data consolidation in Google Cloud enabled the transformation to dramatically increasing both the conversion rate and reducing the marketing expenditure. Read the full case here.

Life Care Europe is a Danish company managing the ecom platform Life Extension Europe, selling nutrition supplements, vitamins and minerals throughout Europe.

Life Care Europe partnered with IIH Nordic to build a BigQuery data lake on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that would connect data for their ecommerce platform Life Extension Europe, and divide customers into data-driven segments to support personalised journeys. Learn how here.

Aller Leisure has been successful in scaling a Cloud solution to six of their travel brands in only 1.5 years and created a strong framework for future marketing efforts.

Aller Leisure partnered with IIH Nordic to simplify their data processing pipeline, scale their Cloud infrastructure to meet their changing business needs, and create a flexible system. This enabled data to be available for analysis and activation through the omnichannel marketing automation platform and systems linked to Agillic, e.g. Facebook, Google Ads, etc. with the possibility of including different scoring models and activities in the future. It further enabled Aller Leisure to be ready for future marketing, machine learning, and automation projects. Learn how here.

Past Events in Partnership with Google Cloud

IIH Nordic frequently holds events to enable attendees to meet IIH and stay updated with the latest digital trends and knowledge at our events. We take pride in sharing the latest knowledge within the strategy, digital marketing, analytics, machine learning, trends, and tendencies. You can find more information on our past Google Cloud events and webinars (some of which can be watched on-demand) below.

Cookie Compliance: Implications and Solutions (watch on-demand)

Cookies are on everyone’s lips and not the ones we eat! At this webinar, we went through solutions to become cookie compliant and how to recapture lost data.

Increase Return on Analytics: Supercharge GA360

We see a significant difference between organizations on how much value is activated from a Google Analytics 360 license, and there exists a strong willingness to extract more value from insight – however the way to do so often lacks clarity. This webinar provided a precise overview of where to find the most value in your data. Furthermore, the speakers touched upon how to better secure your future value assets in data, minimize risks of data quality issues and avoid loss of ability to make critical data-based decisions.

Webinar Series: The future of data-driven business (watch on-demand)

IIH Nordic has partnered up with Google and  international speakers to come together (virtually) and talk about customer lifetime value, digital transformation and data activation, in a series of three short webinars.

FDIH E-commerce Summit 2019

IH Nordic was a silver partner at the FDIH E-commerce Summit in a partnernship with Google Cloud and Kraftværk. IIH Nordic is a certified Google Cloud Partner and can maximize your benefits from the many Cloud capabilities.

Business Data Strategy Forum

The team at IIH Nordic demonstrated how they partnered with Bonnier Publications Denmark in assisting with combining the multiple data sources to optimise their marketing spend.