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26 February 2019

Storytelling with

Data Visualisation Masterclass with Daniel Waisberg (Google)

The importance of storytelling

Data presented in charts and tables alone often do not convey a clear message or narrative. Data is often misrepresented or misinterpreted if a clear story or objective is not apparent.
As humans, we are influenced, inspired, motivated and educated best by stories that follow a clear narrative.

Data as visual communication

How can we enable data to tell a thousand words, whilst supporting a core narrative? Visualisation of data can support a narrative better than a table of numbers.

Masterclass Workshop

This full day workshop delivers a direct interactive learning forum with Daniel Waisberg and using Google’s Data Studio. His 12+ years of industry experience will assist senior professionals in data analytics, marketing and business strategy in transforming their companies and brands through dashboards, presentations and reports that in making the best critical decisions and strategies.

Eventbrite - Storytelling with Data Visualisation - Masterclass with Daniel Waisberg

About Your Trainer

Daniel Waisberg is an Analytics Advocate at Google, where he helps Googlers & Users to make better decisions by giving them useful data & insights. He spends his time analyzing and visualizing data to come up with interesting and actionable stories. Daniel is the author of Google Analytics Integrations (Wiley, 2015) and the Founder / Editor of


8.30   Registration and Breakfast
9.00   Telling stories with data – understanding the process of crafting a story with data.
9.45   Exercise 1 – Finding and sketching data
10.15 Break

10.30 Data visualization best practices – choosing the right charts based on the relationships in the data
11.30  Exercise 2 – Creating meaningful charts
12.30 Lunch

13.15 Building effective dashboards – creating effective data visualizations for different purposes
14.00 Exercise 3 – Building effective dashboards
14.45 Summary and questions

15.30 End of day

Attendee Profile

You have solid experience with analysis in business with your role. You are looking to take your findings, recommendations and influence to the next level.

You would like to combine more data sources such as CRM, Sales, ERP systems or even weather or census data. Your ambition is to create powerful insights will be key to the future success of your project, product, brand or company.


27 February 2019 | 09:00 – 16:00


Artillerivej 86, 2300 Copenhagen S


6,500 kr. Excl. VAT
(Early Bird: 3,900 kr. Excl. VAT)

Includes Breakfast, Lunch, coffee and tea.

Course Trainer

Daniel Waisberg

Lecturer Trainer
Daniel Waisberg is a highly regarded writer, published author, speaker and Analytics Advocate at Google. At Google, his role is to educate analytics professionals in using the full potential of data, highlighting insights that make better decisions and develop more effective strategies.

Daniel has a strong focus on creating data visualisation that supports a storytelling narrative that effectively communicates and resonates with the target audience. With Google Data Studio as the central tool, data is natively sourced from Google Analytics and other data sources.

Daniel founded and is the editor of a respected Analytics and Optimization portal. Before joining Google he was a Google Analytics Certified Partner for more than 5 years, during which he had the opportunity to work with dozens of companies to help them measure, understand, and optimize their businesses in a more data-driven way.

Daniel holds a M.Sc. in Operations Research from Tel Aviv University, where he developed a statistical model to help optimize websites using Markov Chains. During those years he also developed a deep appreciation for people who understand Statistics and use it to make better decisions.