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Data and Digital Strategy

For more than 10 years have IIH Nordic been advising large Danish and international companies to develop a digital strategy that optimally utilizes the company’s digital potential – always focusing on ROI.

Course Instructors

You will meet some of IIH Nordic’s specialists at the course in digital strategy, who will guide you through the complex digital landscape and provide valuable insight into the possibilities and potentials of different channels and marketing activities. The instructors of the day are:

At our English speaking course in digital strategy, we share our many years of consulting experience. When attending our course in digital strategy, you’ll learn how to gain more value from your marketing through the right strategy.

There is a broad range of opportunities when you need to decide on how and how much of the budget should be spent on online marketing. At IIh Nordic’s course in digital strategy, you learn which marketing channels will work best in your situation – whether it’s a single campaign or general branding.

You will also gain insight into how you best combine the different marketing channels in a perfect mix so you can achieve a synergy effect. But first of all, you get the strategic overview in relation to your marketing. An overview that is worth gold when colleagues, managers and suppliers try to influence you to influence the budgets.

Jomar Reyes

Jomar Reyes

Senior Digital Strategist

Jomar er til dagligt ansvarlig for Events & Partner Relations teamet og arbejder med udviklingen og implementering af digital business strategier.

Steen Rasmussen

Steen Rasmussen

Senior Partner & Digital Strategist

Steen er en af Danmarks mest anerkendte digitale analytikere og en international taler, som er specialiseret i online analyse, metodeudvikling, brugervenlighed og kommercialisering.

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Data and digital strategy

  • Agenda

  • Noon

    • Overview over digital strategy and digital marketing
    • Walk-through the different channels of marketing
  • Afternoon

    • Target group and segmentation
    • Measuring effect and web analysis
    • Optimal marketing mix

Who does the course target?

The course is for you who have the strategic responsibility for your company’s marketing budget, but also employees who work with specific campaigns. This course will also give the Executive Board the opportunity to gain an insight into whether more or less investment should be invested in online marketing.

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions about the course or want to know more about the possibility or a tailor-made workshop for your company. Call us on +45 70 20 29 19 or contatc us by email at

Topics covered at our course in data and digital strategy

This course starts with an introduction to digital strategy and an overview of digital marketing. Thereafter, we will go through the formulation of campaign objectives and effect measurement, target groups and segmentation in relation to marketing channels, breadth, and frequency of your online marketing as well as choice of media, mix, and optimization.

Key take aways to take home from our course in data and digital strategy

An overview of how to plan a digital strategy with focus on value and ROI

Insights into the various marketing channels and their strengths and weaknesses

The strategy for developing the optimal marketing mix for your company

The ability to work strategically with target groups and segments so that your message is cleaer

Insight on how to best trace your activities and measure the effects

A strong overview that makes it possible to prioritize the effort, evaluate activities as well as evaluating the effect of your marketing

A large number of companies have already attended the course in data and digital strategy at IIH Nordic

IIH’s kursus i Digital Strategi er en effektiv opdatering på tværs af de mange digitale discipliner, man som marketingchef spænder over.

Lisbet Stolberg, Marketingchef, Gyldendal Uddannelse
Lisbet Stolberg, Marketingchef, Gyldendal Uddannelse

Kurset gav mig dyb forståelse af marketingafdelingens opgaver med at vælge digital strategi. Det var givtigt, fordi det også er mine kunder. Samtidig gav det stor inspiration til overvejelser om vores egen digitale strategi.

 Lars Christensen, Salgschef, Encode Marketing Software
Lars Christensen, Salgschef, Encode Marketing Software