FDIH E-commerce Summit

Review: FDIH E-commerce Summit 2019

Juice Recipes

In addition to sharing data insights, we served freshly squeezed organic juices to the visitors at our booth.

Did you find your favorite juice? See the contents of the three different juices below!

  • DATA BOOST by IIH Nordic

    • Carrot/ginger/apple
  • POWER UP by Kraftværk

    • Orange/ginger/apple
  • CLOUD PASSION by Google

    • Spinach/cucumber/lemon/apple/mint

About the Partners

Google Cloud gives businesses access to unlimited opportunities to activate customer data through machine learning and Google Marketing Platform. Among other things, the Google Cloud platform offer a number of cloud computing services based on the infrastructure you know from other Google Products, such as Google Search and YouTube.

IIH Nordic has 50 specialists who, with a data-based approach and expertise in the latest technology, can help your business achieve the highest possible ROI on your digital investment. Among other things, IIH Nordic is a certified Google Cloud Partner and can maximize your benefits from the many Cloud capabilities.

Kraftværk is an IT consultancy that develops high quality solutions and services for the purpose of creating value through increased cohesion between company’s health systems, business processes and people. With more than 150 experienced colleagues, Kraftværk is always ready to grow your business through solid IT solutions.