The New Google Analytics

The Biggest Change in Google Analytics in 10 years

Review: Firebase: The New Google Analytics

On Tuesday the 15th of October, IIH Nordic invited participants to a morning on Firebase, the new Google Analytics, at our headquarters on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. We welcomed guest speaker Mads Knutzon from FK Distribution and, together with our own Steen Rasmussen and Florian Pertynski, they shared insights into what the consequences are of this new setup, both on an overall and a practical level to give you an idea on how to prepare yourself, future proof your data, avoid disruption of your analytics and give you an idea of what new opportunities this new script offers.

We were a full house on the day, and many great questions came up. The IIH Nordic events team was happy to see that both speakers and attendees stuck around after the event for a chat and networking.

About the Event

The Biggest Change in Google Analytics in 10 Years – Firebase

At the end of summer, Google launched a new web and app script which can unify websites and app traffic in once single analytics property by applying the same set of dimensions and metrics to both platforms while focusing on users in replacement of sessions.

The core of this change is not a new set of functionalities or the script in itself, but the fact that the new property is based on Google Analytics for Firebase and not the current analytics.js library.

Now you might be thinking “so what”, but this is a radical change to all analytics from Google moving forward.

Google has already confirmed that Firebase will be the future standard of analytics.

About the Session

In this session, we will deep dive into what the consequences are of this new setup, both on an overall and a practical level to give you an idea on how to prepare yourself, future proof your data, avoid disruption of your analytics and give you an idea of what new opportunities this new script offers.

Fresh back from the Firebase Summit in Madrid, Steen Rasmussen and Florian Pertynski will share the current status of things and map what should be expected of the future.

Combined with practical insights from FK Distributions, Mads Knutzon, who has already started testing the full extent of the script in the daily operations of digital activities, we give you a first look into the future of Google Analytics.

Mads Knutzon

Mads Knutzon

Business Analyst Manager, FK Distribution

Mads gets a kick, when he can create order out of chaos. He is highly interested in producing good user-friendly solutions to explain complicated data. Through his career, as a professional handball player, he learned that you are never done developing your competencies. Mads, therefore, welcomes constructive criticism and is always searching for best practices and better internal mechanisms.

Firebase Analytics – Tales from the Trenches


  • Better to use the data you have at hand, than wait forever to include everything
  • Start collecting data in GA4F format early and add functionalities as they are rolled out
  • Own data in GA vs. own data warehouse
Florian Pertynski

Florian Pertynski

Senior Technical Web Analyst, IIH Nordic

Florian has been focusing on the technical side of things since 2011 as a technically astute digital analyst specialising in digital analytics strategy, implementation and insights. He loves to help clients integrate data into the strategic, operational and cultural tissues of the organisation and make data-driven decisions. Florian has worked with organisations including Fortune 500 companies, large ecommerce sites and international charities in Denmark, UAE, Poland, UK, Sweden and Finland. He brings to the table solid technical and analytical skills and 6 years of experience managing analytics projects, also while leading a small team of analysts.

Technical Deep Dive – Inside Firebase


  • Firebase means different thinking about how you are going to build your data sets
  • It is much simpler and much more flexible from a data collection and data strategy perspective
  • For marketers, your data is going to be more easily actionable
Steen Rasmussen

Steen Rasmussen

Senior Partner & Co-Founder, IIH Nordic

Steen is one of Denmark’s most recognized digital analysts and an international speaker acknowledged as a leading expert on the subject. With more than 15 years of practical experience in online optimization of websites, usability and web analytics he has specialized in online measurement, method development, ease of use and commercialization. He has previously been nominated as “Practitioner of the Year” as well as one of the world’s leading analysts by the Digital Analytics Association for three years in a row.

Consequences and Indications – A High-Level Perspective on Firebase


  • Firebase is not data as usual
  • We are changing from an insight to an action-based approach to tracking
  • Marketers need to think data and the entire tracking stack into their business in a completely new way for much more individualized experiences
  • Early stages: Start testing the webb + app property
  • Now’s the time! Start to learn the real power of Firebase in relation to what it can do for you.

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Details and a look back at the program…

Date and Time
October 15th, 2019
8.30 – 11.30
This event is over

IIH Nordic
Artillerivej 86
Copenhagen S

08.30 – 09.00  Registration – Coffee & Light Breakfast

09.00 – 09.15  Meet & Greet / Industry Insights – Jomar Reyes, IIH Nordic

09.15 – 09.50  Technical Deep Dive – Inside Firebase – Florian Pertynski, IIH Nordic

09.50 – 10.25  Consequences and Indications – A High-Level Perspective on Firebase – Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic

10.25 – 10.35  Break

10.35 – 11.10   Firebase Analytics – Tales from the Trenches – Mads Knutzon, FK Distribution

11.10 – 11.20  Perspectives and Afterthoughts

11.20 – 11.30  Thank you for today