The future of data-driven business

The future of data-driven business

IIH Nordic Webinar Series:

20 May - Customer Lifetime Value
27 May - Data Strategy in Digital Transformation
10 June - Data activation

Webinar Series: The future of data-driven business

Below you can find links to watch this webinar series on demand!

IIH Nordic has partnered up with Google and  international speakers to come together (virtually) and talk about customer lifetime value, digital transformation and data activation, in a series of three short webinars.

If you are looking for cases and inspiration to get started on being data-driven or how to improve your use of data, the webinar series will provide you with insights and success cases.

They will touch upon the importance of customer lifetime value, how to execute a digital transformation with data as the backbone, and the art of activating all your data.


May 20, 2020 | 9:00 – 10:00

May 27, 2020 | 13:00 – 14:00

June 10, 2020 | 9:00 – 10:00


Customer Lifetime Value
Data Strategy in Digital Transformation
Data Activation


This webinar series is over. Please find links to watch on-demand below.

Webinar #1

Customer Lifetime Value – May 20th

In today’s digital & data driven economy, ‘customer lifetime value’ is a critical measurement for business, both in B2B and B2C. Even though many leading business professionals agree, the fact is that not many companies have a model that can help calculate this. CLV is not a static value, and is influenced by the strategy and actions that the brand makes in product development, marketing and customer experience.

09.00   Welcome by Jomar Reyes, IIH Nordic

09.09   Thomas Bering, Google – Activating Lifetime Value

09.22   Heidi Teschemacher, LEE – Tactical CLV Optimization

09.35   Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic – Tactical CLV Orchestration

09.47   Questions and panel

09.55   End of the road – Jomar Reyes & Steen Rasmussen

Webinar date has passed

Webinar #2

Data Strategy in Digital Transformation – May 27th

With the current changes going on, the importance of data have increased even further and the need for understanding and utilizing data have increased radically. 

From this aspect data strategy is the key and critical element in building the next generation technology stack. Integration, segmentation and quality are core pillars of a best of breed data strategy, but it still requires a platform to consolidate around. 

Integrations enable data moves seamlessly between platforms, to ensure it can dynamically be applied to segments and providing an accurate single source of truth for data. This is the core truth on new power of data.

13.00   Welcome by Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic

13.09   Jeppe Iversen, Google – Responsible Marketing with First Party Data

13.22   Lars Gudbrandsson, Bonnier Publications – The Digital Reality as a Business Driver

13.35   Robert Johnson, IIH Nordic – Building Data Strategy

13.47   Questions and panel

13.55   End of the road – Jomar Reyes & Steen Rasmussen

Webinar date has passed

Webinar #3

Data Activation – June 10th

Data and data activation can be compared to thermometer vs thermostat. The thermometer displays the data (Temperature), a thermostat is programmed to adjust the temperature based on the data.

Most companies will look at their data and use it for decisions and reporting, data activation is when news can trigger actions such as emails, sms or update customer segmentations dynamically for targeted advertising.

09.00   Welcome by Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic

09.09   Stine Skjærbæk, Google – Data activation: ML on marketing data

09.22   Martin Madsen, – Data Activation in internaland external channels

09.35   Mark Edmondson, IIH Nordic – Enabling Data Activation within your business

09.47   Questions and panel

09.55   End of the road – Jomar Reyes & Steen Rasmussen

Webinar date has passed

Data Activation, Customer Lifetime Value and how to exploit a data strategy in digital transformation are all hot topics in a world, where consumers are presented with never ending choices.

In these webinars you will meet speakers, who share their experiences and learnings in the topics, giving you the opportunity to get the most out of them.

Meanwhile, have a look at how IIH Nordic helped Bonnier Publications through a digital transformation.


Thomas Bering, Head of Performance at Google

For 15 years, Thomas has worked at Google, helping companies understand that marketing is more than telling people about your business. As he says: “It’s about understanding how to measure and value correctly without reneging on creative ideas.”

Activating Lifetime Value

Heidi Teschemacher, CCO at Life Extension Europe

With almost 20 years of experience in retail and the last 10+ years in roles mainly focusing on turnaround and growth, Heidi brings in expertise within strategy, innovation and consumers.

Tactical CLV Optimization

Steen Rasmussen, Digital Strategist, Co-founder and Senior Partner at IIH Nordic

Steen is one of Denmark’s most recognized digital analysts and an international speaker acknowledged as a leading expert on the subject.

Tactical CLV Orchestration

Jeppe Iversen, Google Analytics lead at Google

For the last 8 years, Jeppe has worked for tech companies IBM, SAP and Google covering key customers in Nordics. His focus has been on marketing platforms including profiling, attribution, audiences, ML and web analytics.

Responsible Marketing with First Party Data

Lars Gudbrandsson, CMO & EVP at Bonnier Publications

As a marketing technologist, Lars seeks to create a streamlined relationship between technological possibilities and commercial opportunities, by combining technical knowledge with commercial marketing skills.

The Digital Reality as a Business Driver

Robert Johnson, Head of Cloud and Analytics at IIH Nordic

Robert Johnson enjoys building stuff, whether it is through carpentry, digital solutions, data foundations, teams, or departments. As an analytical extrovert, he enjoys sharing best practice, public speaking and applying agile leadership skills to achieve high productivity.

Building Data Strategy

Stine Skjærbæk, Customer Engineer at Google Cloud

Stine has been with Google for more than 5 years and is specialized in Big Data and Analytics technologies on the Google Cloud Platform. Day-to-day she works with the largest companies in Denmark on strategic digital and IT initiatives.

Data activation: ML on marketing data

Martin Madsen, Data Engineer at

Martin is specialized within Analytics, ETL and datawarehousing and works on making the data foundation for even better. The goal is to create the best data foundation for content personalization and products.

Data Activation in internaland external channels

Mark Edmondson, Senior Data Scientist at IIH Nordic

Mark is an international speaker introducing concepts such as machine learning, cloud computing, and data programming as part of his role as a Google Developer Expert.

Enabling Data Activation within your business

Your Hosts

Steen Rasmussen

Steen Rasmussen

Co-founder, Digital Strategist & Senior Partner
Jomar Reyes

Jomar Reyes

Head of Events & Partner Relations


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