Digital Impact Forum #3 In Review


Digital Impact Forum is a biannual event, that gathers the international leading business to the Nordics at IIH Nordic’s head office in Copenhagen. At this Digital Impact Forum on 16 May 2018, the featured thought leaders brought their insights from have worked on brands such as Nordea, McKinsey, Cisco, Canon and Schibsted Media Group.

Looking Back.

A few words from Jomar Reyes

May 2018 is on record for being one of the hottest May’s in over 100 years in Copenhagen. This didn’t stop the attendees of the third Digital Impact Forum, staying engaged with an amazing lineup of speakers from Spain, The Netherlands and of course Denmark.

Digital transformation was very much as core part of the agenda across all talks, and a focus was on the human element of digital transformation. How we all move forward and support each other with knowledge, experience and skills will determine the levels of our success in our careers, roles and the brands we are responsible for.

This Digital Impact Forum is unforgettable not just for the record heat in the room, but the room full of minds that pushed discussions, ideas and thoughts deeper than most other events. Looking at the job titles and brands represented in the room, both Steen, myself and the team at IIH Nordic are humbled to facilitate a forum that really has an impact on many.

The Next Digital Impact Forum

Date and Time
3:30 – 10:30pm
19 September 2018

IIH Nordic
Artilerievej 86,
Copenhagen S


IIH Nordic


15:00 – Arrival, registration, refreshments & snacks

16:00 – Welcome by Jomar Reyes – Roundtable introductions

16:10 – Jordi Roura i Rabat
Accelerating Digital Transformation

16:35 – Sharif Khalladi
Successful Digital Transformation has Nothing to do with Technology

17:00 – Short break

17:05 – Mathias Faaborg
Asking the Right Questions

17:30 – Lindsay McEwan
6 Steps to Future Proofing your Marketing

17:55 – 3 Course Dinner, wine and premium beer

18:40 – Assignment

18:55 – Lisbeth Chawes
Social Technology Impact on the Future of Business

19:20 – Mark Chaudhry
Tails & Trails – Aligning Digital Activities in a Multinational & Multibrand Enterprise

20:00 – Group Discussion and Presentation of Findings

20:25 – Steen Rasmussen
Towards new beginnings

20:30 – Networking, snacks & drinks

Speakers of the Digital Impact Forum #3

Jordi Roura i Rabat

Jordi Roura i Rabat

International Speaker / Product Manager

Jordi Roura i Rabat (ES)

Jordi is a highly respected online marketing professional, international speaker and trainer. At Schibsted Media Group (one of the world’s leading online classifieds and ads businesses) he leads a team of digital analysts who are responsible for ensuring that the collection of data is aligned with the needs of consumers and privacy restrictions.

With over 10 years experience with online media and marketing, Jordi is known as approachable professional who is an advocate of knowledge sharing and giving guidance to fellow industry colleagues.

Sharif Khalladi

Sharif Khalladi

International Speaker / Digital Strategist

Sharif Khalladi (NL)

“Sharif Khalladi is known as one of Europe’s leading marketers, digital strategists and storytellers.”, Huffington post.

Sharif has a highly entrepreneurial business approach with a focus on accelerating digital transformation for clients and businesses. His work brands such as Cisco, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Canon Europe, Mitsubishi and Yamaha Motors. He is known for effectively combining the right organisational processes with his experience in marketing psychology for brands in order to guide their potential customers in taking the decision to engage in long-term business relationships.

Lindsay McEwan

Lindsay McEwan

VP and Managing Director, Tealium

Lindsay McEwan (UK)

Lindsay has almost 20 years of proven strategic leadership and commercial management expertise, and is passionate about his career and the industry he works in. He has a track record of growing smaller organisations up to £100 million and assisting them with exit strategies to acquisition or continued growth via IPO.

With specialist insight into business development, Lindsay is now leading the charge at Tealium where he is responsible for driving steady growth across the EMEA region. Prior to Tealium, Lindsay’s roles included Director of Sales at Adobe Systems UK, and Managing Director at Neolane Software, a marketing automation vendor that was acquired by Adobe. He also held a leadership role at Oracle, running its fusion team.

Lisbeth Chawes

Lisbeth Chawes

International Speaker / Board Member

Lisbeth Chawes

Industry Board Member/Independent Speaker

Since 2002 Lisbeth has been an influential force in the marketing technology scene in the Nordics and throughout Europe with her work at The Danish e-Business Association (FDIH), the Danish Marketing Association (Dansk Markedsføring) and Komfo.
Through her role as the director of marketing and partnerships at Komfo, she was a at the heart of the business evolution that saw Social become a serious marketing and communication channel. Her experience and mentorship is in constant demand as she serves on numerous boards and mentorship initiatives.

Mathias Faaborg

Mathias Faaborg

Chief Digital Officer

Mathias Faaborg

Mathias’s career spans work with companies such as McKinsey & Company, TDC and Widex. In 2018 Mathias started at IIH Nordic as Chief Digital Officer leading the team of specialists in web analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Mathias brings a combination of management consulting, strategy and business transformation to his dealings with global brands who are in the IIH Nordic portfolio of clients.

Mark Chaudhry

Mark Chaudhry

Agile Coach - Nordea

Mark Chaudhry

Mark’s career path has focused on innovation with an agile approach to the digital transformation of companies.

At Nordea Mark provides customer centric coaching improving agile collaboration and co-creation between individuals and groups internal and external to the global private banking innovation portfolio to actual satisfy client and business needs based on data – where behavioral data is first, front and center.

At Coop he worked on enhancing their data platform with Tealium’s technology, with the purpose of creating customer centric personalised omni channel experiences for Coop’s customers.

All too often, the ‘best technology’ has been sold to help a business or brand, but has failed to deliver its full potential. The latest technology often promises to increase sales, business efficiency and provide customers a better service. However the ‘best technology’ is useless without the people in mind.

Mark will talk about what is likely the most important part in digital transformation. People.

Steen Rasmussen

Steen Rasmussen

Digital Strategist & Senior Partner

Steen Rasmussen

Steen is one of Denmark’s most recognized digital analysts and an international speaker acknowledged as a leading expert on the subject. With more than 15 years of practical experience in online optimization of websites, usability and web analytics he has specialized in online measurement, method development, ease of use and commercialization.

Steen’s references range from strong nordic brands such as Vestas and VisitDenmark to international clients like Oracle, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. Steen has been nominated as “Practitioner of the Year” and as one of the world’s leading analysts by the Digital Analytics Association for the last three years.

Jomar Reyes

Jomar Reyes

Senior Strategist, Head of Events & Partner Relations

Jomar Reyes

Jomar is responsible for serving IIH’s community of marketer’s, business professionals and product specialists with events, workshops and courses. He also works with developing and implementing digital business strategies with selected clients, using the latest martech tools.