September 19 2018 – Copenhagen #DIF

Digital Impact Forum is a biannual event, that gathers the international leading business minds to IIH Nordic’s head office in Copenhagen. The speakers share their experience with an audience of senior marketing executives and CXO’s, who want to rediscover their method for building a leading market position in the digital age.

A few words…

from Steen Rasmussen, Digital Strategist & Senior Partner IIH Nordic

This Digital Impact Forum left me wondering: Am I doing everything in my power to help my company realize their digital potential?

At IIH Nordic, we take pride in the fact that data is in our DNA: We try to make every aspect of our work and our decisions is driven by data, and we always endeavor to get the most value from our efforts. So why fix it, if it aint broken?

But sometimes – just sometimes every day work gets in the way and data gets replaced by good old gut feeling.

As a digital strategist, I am used to looking forward, to lead the problem-solving charges and to connect the dots between the needs, wants and desires of tomorrow. I know that it is crucial for our business that we keep on our toes and never think “there – we made it”.

Tonight’s forum reopened my eyes to this fact. The digital world we live in changes rapidly, and we too must always be ready to learn new things and engage with our customers in new ways.

I hope you will find this page useful when discovering or rediscovering some of the content that our speakers have chosen to share.

Maybe you even get so inspired that I will actually see you at our next event.

– Steen

Photos from the event

Photographer: Wai Yin Ryan Chui

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