Digital Impact Forum #5

April 10 2019

Digital Impact Forum in review

Digital Impact Forum the 10th of April 2019

The 10th of April IIH opened the doors for this year’s first Digital Impact Forum. The evening had six leading business minds on the program from companies as the beer brewery Mikkeller, Matas, Life Extension Europe, Domo, Usabilla and DFDS. As usual the evening had great talks, insights, networking and great beer.

Read more about Digital Impact Forum and the next event here.

Exclusive event for marketing professionals

Digital Impact Forum is a biannual event, that gathers the international leading business minds to IIH Nordic’s head office in Copenhagen. The speakers share their experience with an audience of senior marketing executives and CXO’s, who want to rediscover their method for building a leading market position in the digital age.

IIH Nordic arrange the Digital Impact Forum twice yearly in our  ‘New York’ style offices in Copenhagen, and the guests are invited for an inspiring evening with exciting cases, new knowledge, networking, dinner and drinks.

This event will be held in English with international partners and attendees.

Attendee Profile

You are a key influencers, stakeholders and decision maker regarding their company’s digital presence, online marketing and analytics strategy. You have ambitions to bring your organisation to the leading edge of business/marketing technology, where being data driven is key.

Fellow attendees include;

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Communications Directors & managers
  • Senior Content Marketing professionals
  • Digital Business Development professionals


April 10 2019 | 15:30-20:15


Artillerivej 86, 2300 Copenhagen S


6,500 kr. Excl. VAT


15.30   Doors open
16.00   Welcome by Jomar Reyes, IIH Nordic

16.10   Brian Andersen, “Matas – Digital transformation”
16.30   Heidi Teschemacher, “Which data?! Learnings from the journey going from a webshop to eCommerce platform”

16.50   Break

17.00  Brett Gibson, “A single source of Truth”
17.20   Jacob Gram Alsing, “Mikkeller – More than Omnichannel?”

17.40   Food & Fun

18.20   Rie Ulrich, “Ugly Jerry and some of his friends”
18.40   Sander van Gelderen, “Making better informed decisions”
19.00   Astrid Illum, “Analytics in Large Scale Implementation – Lessons Learned”

19.20   Perspectives & exits by Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic
19.40   Networking & Fun

20:30 Finish


Brian Andersen

Brian Andersen

Ecommerce Director

Brian Andersen, Matas

Brians passion is to drive digital transformation through implementing ecommerce. The last 20 years he has been focusing on getting technology, communication, design, marketing and strategy to play closely together og create strong results. Brians current challenge is the Danish retail company Matas, where he has been responsible of ecommerce since the beginning of 2018.

“Matas – digital transformation”

Brian will talk about Matas’ journey from being a traditional retailer to creating a position as the future winner within beauty and health online. You will get a chance to hear more about how Matas thinks the future webshop is defined and how the experiences have been with the elements that are already implemented in the new strategy – including same day delivery and Google Voice assistant.

Heidi Teschemacher

Heidi Teschemacher


Heidi Teschemacher, Life Extension Europe

Heidi is the Commercial Director for the Consumer division of Life Extension Europe, an eCommerce company selling food supplements in Europe, where she’s also responsible for corporate Marketing & IT. She is a born retailer with a drive to constantly learn and improve. With almost 20 years of experience in retail and the last 10+ years in roles mainly focusing on turnaround and growth, Heidi brings in expertise within strategy, innovation and consumers. She has previously been with international brand companies like Gillette, P&G, L’Oreal, Cloetta to retail chains as Coop and MENY – and now in eCommerce.

“Which data?! Learnings from the journey going from a webshop to eCommerce platform”

During her talk Heidi will be covering transformation from a product shop to a consumer data-driven platform. She will cover the  musts and pitfalls on a similar transformation. The topic will give you many great insights on this transformation and be of interest if you work increasingly with data and consumer relevance to build brands and sales.

Rie Ulrich

Rie Ulrich


Rie Ulrich

Rie has worked with marketing and sales in the service Industry for more than 20 years. She has been focusing on customer experience and how the irrational human behavior influence our choices both online and with human interaction. Moreover Rie has experience working with how we can use this knowledge to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Her areas of expertise count customer experience & customer lifecycle management, customer journey, marketing analytics and data management, e-commerce, CRO, marketing Automation and marketing ROI.

“Ugly Jerry and some of his friends”

Rie will be covering human behaviour and how it impacts what we are willing to pay for a product. In her presentation Rie will touch upon questions like: are we in control of our own choices? And do we make rational decisions? In her session you will gain knowledge about the human brain to benefit from in both your business and private life. Maybe Ries talk can change the way you see yourself, your customers and all other people around you.

Brett Gibson

Brett Gibson

Lead Strategy Consultant

Brett Gibson, DOMO

Brett is passionate about how data and organisational behaviours combine to make meaningful impact on decision making. With experience in planning and managing digital transformation projects, he was recognised as one of the top young managers in Australia for his impact using technology in the higher education and charities. Having managed technology products, business development and projects across marketing functions, customer experience, back-office, data management and analytics in a variety of sectors he now works with Domo’s strategic clients in planning, measuring and realising value from their data transformation.

“A single source of Truth”

More information to follow

Jacob Gram Alsing

Jacob Gram Alsing


Jacob Gram Alsing, Mikkeller

Jacob is in charge of global operations at the Danish started brewery company Mikkeller. He has 19 years of experience in the Danish army and has been in his current role at Mikkeller for more than six years. During Jacobs employment Mikkeller has grown from 12 to 650 people and revenue has had a similar growth rate, so he’s been a huge part of the journey of Mikkeller. Jacob has therefore a lot of experience in operations and business and he describes himself as a problem solver.

“Mikkeller – more than Omnichannel?”

During his presentation, Jacob will cover the values, passion, communication and ambition in an esoteric start up like Mikkeller. Jacob will share how values and personality can take a company far and how tying true passion for creation and quality together with a healthy understanding for business make a strong combination. He will do this through sharing the story of Mikkeller, which is a story of an unconventional way of building and international brand from a kitchen in Vesterbro.

Sander van Gelderen

Sander van Gelderen

VP of Marketing

Sander van Gelderen, Usabilla

Sander is the Vice President of Marketing at Usabilla, a Saas company headquartered in Amsterdam. As a seasoned marketing professional with almost 20 years experience in strategic decision making, business development and demand generation, Sander is responsible for the strategic positioning of Usabilla and spearheads the company’s ambition to improve the customer experience by letting the voice of the customer be heard.

“Making better informed decisions”

Every day we make hundreds of decisions. Some are rational, some emotional. How are we doing that in our daily business? During Sander’s presentation you will learn why it’s important to understand the “why” behind the huge amounts of big data you gather. Only the why can help you make the right decision to improve or exceed customer expectations. In the “age of the customer”, Customer Experience is king!

Astrid Illum

Astrid Illum

Web Analytics Specialist

Astrid Illum, DFDS

Astrid is the web analytics specialist at DFDS A/S setting the enterprise wide web analytics strategy and handling implementation, reporting, tooling and more. Besides more than 6 years of experience in analytics, Astrid has a background in strategic communication and web communication, which gives her a strong understanding of the interplay between technical issues, business objectives and audience desires.

“Analytics in Large Scale Implementation – Lessons Learned”

Astrid will be talking about Analytics planning, implementation and consolidation. She will share good ideas in relation to topics as: When static plans meet dynamic reality, inheriting legacy mess or going for a fresh start, implementing analytics versus always including it and more. She will touch upon how Analytics forms part of bigger projects, but is often forced to bridge the internal gaps in knowledge, history and strategy. From her own experience she will also share issues that can arise in connection to tech changes that all organization go through from time to time.

IIH Nordic Partners at Digital Impact Forum #5