Morning Brief hosted together with Tealium
Wednesday 28th of August 2019 8.30 - 11.30

Review: Executive Morning Briefing on Data Strategy

On Wednesday the 28th of August, IIH Nordic invited participants to a Morning Briefing on Data Strategy at our headquarters on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, alongside our event partner, Tealium. We welcomed guest speaker Khal Harris from Tealium and, together with our own Steen Rasmussen and Mark Edmondson, they shared insights and cases for data integration, quality and accessibility as the key ingredients to achieve solid returns on data.

We were a full house on the day, and many great questions came up. The IIH Nordic events team was happy to see that both speakers and attendees stuck around after the event for a chat and networking.

About the Event

Best practice digital strategy integrates data from multiple sources, enabling companies to be truly data driven. By combining internal data (sales, operation costs and staff) with online data, companies can better orchestrate resources, develop better plans, and make better decisions that deliver optimal revenue and cost efficiencies. In short develop a data ecosystem that increases profit margins from increased sales, increased efficiencies and a reduction in costs.

IIH Nordic invites you to a morning brief together with event partner Tealium, where we will share insights and cases for data integration, quality and accessibility as the key ingredients to achieve solid returns on data.




Photographer: Jomar Reyes

Steen Rasmussen

Steen Rasmussen

Senior Partner & Co-Founder, IIH Nordic

Steen is one of Denmark’s most recognized digital analysts and an international speaker acknowledged as a leading expert on the subject. With more than 15 years of practical experience in online optimization of websites, usability and web analytics he has specialized in online measurement, method development, ease of use and commercialization. He has previously been nominated as “Practitioner of the Year” as well as one of the world’s leading analysts by the Digital Analytics Association for three years in a row.

Khal Harris

Khal Harris

Digital Strategist EMEA, Tealium

Khal has experience across many varied sectors and industries which gives him a unique approach to digital strategy and marketing. From stunts involving concept cars and virtual reality installations in city centres, to results-driven activations for charity, healthcare, public sector and educational brands, his experience across a vast array of sectors adds some real-world input to his use case explorations.

The Difficult Questions Your Digital Strategist Wants You To Ask (And Some They Really Don’t)


  • Your business is unique, and your strategy should be too
  • Use the RACI framework to determine the roles and responsibilities of project participants
  • Define barriers throughout the journey to enable success
  • Build visitor profiles to identify individuals along the customer journey
  • How Deterministic Key Ring & Visitor Stitching can truly create a single view of the customer in real-time
  • How the Tealium Universal Data Hub can orchestrate your customer data
Mark Edmondson

Mark Edmondson

Senior Data Scientist, IIH Nordic

Mark Edmondson is one of only a handful official Google Developer Experts (GDE) in the world and plays an active role in the strategic development of Google’s data analytics products offering. Mark is an acknowledge speaker within his fields of expertise and he has recently given a talk at Superweek in Hungary.

At IIH Nordic, he works with the architecture of data lakes, BigQuery and Machine Learning.

Orchestrating Data to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

Takeaways: Bonnier Publications boosted subscriptions, inspired employees, and energized its multi-format business model by building a machine learning system on Google BigQuery in six months.


  • Deploys Google BigQuery to produce a 360-degree view of each customer
  • Doubles checkout conversion with data overhaul completed in just six months
  • Maintains new subscription rate while reducing banners by 90%
  • Motivates employees and attracts tech talent through data transformation

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Details and a look back at the program…

Date and Time
8:30 – 11:30
This event is over

IIH Nordic
Artillerivej 86
Copenhagen S

08.30 – 09.00  Registration and coffee

09.00 – 09.15  Welcome and industry insights

09.15 – 09.45  The Digital Strategy Myths – 3 Things to Consider – Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic

09.45 – 10.15  Orchestrating Data to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs – Mark Edmondson, IIH Nordic

10.15 – 10.30  Break

10.30 – 11.00   The Difficult Questions Your Digital Strategist Wants You To Ask (And Some They Really Don’t) – Khal Harris, Tealium

11.00 – 11.10  Q&A

11.10 – 11.20  Peer to peer & coffee

11.20 – 11.30  Thank you for today

This event was hosted and organized by IIH Nordic in collaboration with Tealium.