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For companies who want to invest or gain more
from their GA360 investment

Webinar – 6 October 2020 10.00 - 11.00

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6th October 2020 | 10.00 – 11.00


Online Webinar



For companies who want to invest or gain more from their GA360 investment

When examining the use of Google Analytics 360, we see a significant difference between organizations on how much value can be activated from a Google Analytics 360 license and what is actually done. Very often there is a strong willingness to extract more value from insights – however the way to actually do so often lacks clarity.

Massive lost potential

Our quick analysis shows that up to 70% of tool owners are not getting full value from their Google Analytics 360 investment. With the massive potential of data-based decisions to transform revenue and cost performance, this at the end of the day could lead to hundreds of thousands or even millions in lost potential return on analytics investment.

Calibrating on business

Therefore, our agenda is to give you a sharp focus on unlocking business potential and demonstrating return on a Google Analytics 360 investment. We will provide cases and examples on how organizations can create a positive P/L with analytics activities.

A focus on return and value

The session will focus on the internal business of owning a Google Analytics 360 license, but not from a technical perspective. Instead, we will provide a commercial angle that explores ways of combining, activating and enriching data to create an environment for a single source of online truth. In short, we will inspire how to transform data from a passive resource to an active value producing asset.


6th October 2020 | 10:00 – 11:00


Google Analytics 360
Return on Analytics
The business value of GA360


10.00     Welcome

Return on Analytics – How to recognize value, a conversation – Steen Rasmussen & Robert Johnson, IIH Nordic

Your data, and how to own it – Ben Powis, MandM Direct

Supercharging Google Analytics 360 – Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic

Q&A – Robert Johnson, IIH Nordic

11.00    Thank you and e-see you next time

This event targets …

This event is relevant for people with commercial and budget responsibility of Google Analytics 360 and Martech tool purchase.

Maybe you have already invested in Google Analytics 360, or you are in the purchase consideration phase and need to know the tangible return on analytics possible from the investment.

What you take home

We will give you a more precise overview of where to find the most value in your data. You will learn how to better secure your future value assets in data, minimize risks of data quality issues and potential loss or leak of data. All to enable you to make the right decisions regarding the future of your data.


Ben Powis

Ben Powis

Data Science Manager

Ben Powis, MandM Direct

Ben is an experienced data science manager who has been working with machine learning and predictive analytics to drive business value and insight. He has been with MandM Direct for more than five years, and has previously worked with luxury hotels.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Head of Analytics & Cloud

Robert Johnson, IIH Nordic

Robert Johnson has 25+ years of experience working within consultancy with several years in media agencies, but also working for large brands such as the TDC Group. By the beginning of 2020 Robert returned to the consultancy side, after working 10 years in telecom, where he established a data driven decision making culture and led an agile team at TDC Group. Robert serves clients such as LEGO, Elkjøp and Bonnier Publications with his expertise on building data foundations and providing Google Cloud solutions. From his earlier work Robert has experience with digital transformation, implementing data driven decision making mind-sets and leading agile teams of 180+ people to build data foundations and improve marketing results.

Steen Rasmussen

Steen Rasmussen

Co-founder, Digital Strategist & Senior Partner

Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic

Steen is one of Denmark’s most recognized digital analysts and an international speaker acknowledged as a leading expert on the subject. With more than 15 years of practical experience in online optimization of websites, usability and web analytics he has specialized in online measurement, method development, ease of use and commercialization.

Steen’s references range from strong nordic brands such as Vestas and VisitDenmark to international clients like Oracle, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. Steen has been nominated as “Practitioner of the Year” and as one of the world’s leading analysts by the Digital Analytics Association for the last three years.


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