Anders Dalgaard

Anders Dalgaard

Head of Customer Success - TwentyThree

Speaker Profile: Anders Dalgaard

As the Head of Customer Success at TwentyThree, Anders Dalgaard works closely with some of the world class brands with their ongoing Video Marketing Strategy. Over the last five years, he has at the forefront of video marketing assisting TwentyThree’s customers in understanding the data from video consumption in order to make better decisions on content production, video usage and optimising conversion.

Data driven video success stories are now starting to increase, and rich engagement data from videos on all platforms is a must have for all TwentyThree customers.

Speaking Engagements with IIH Events

  • Video Marketing Morning Brief – 2016
  • Web Analytics Wednesday – 11 April 2018 – The Ongoing Evolution of Video Analytics (See below – Coming soon)

The Ongoing Evolution of Video Analytics

Web Analytics Wednesday CPH 11 April

(See the full program)

Video consumption online has (and continues) to rise. Data from video can give deep insights in understanding of what messaging and stories resonate with customer and potential customers. Using video data and insights can not only assist in inspiring your targeted audience to action, but can also reduce many costs of creating, planning and ultimately producing the optimal content.

As online analytics becomes more and more mature, video analytics is still in its early stages with best practices in reporting and also integrating video data into the greater technology stack. Anders’ talk will explore how video analytics has been successfully used and look into the future of how it will be applied.

Web Analytics Wednesday – Copenhagen
April 11 from 3:30 to 9:30pm

Sigurdsgade 26
2200 Copenhagen North

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