Peter Pfeifer

Peter Pfeifer

Mobile UX & Conversions Consultant Google

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Speaker Profile: Peter Pfeifer

Mobile UX & Conversions Consultant

As part of the Conversions & mUX Specialist Team in the Dublin EMEA Headquarters, Peter Nybro Pfeifer consults Google’s customers from all over Europe on topics of mobile UX and conversions. Born in Speyer, Germany, he has lived, studied and worked in Berlin, Bremen and Copenhagen, Denmark, where he spent ten years of his life working as a digital analytics specialist for Danske Spil.

Speaking Engagements with IIH Events

  • Web Analytics Wednesday – 5 September 2018 – Mastering the Mobile Checkout

Talk: Mastering the Mobile Checkout

Web Analytics Wednesday CPH 5 Sept 2018

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How do you get your customers to purchase online with their mobile phone? Showing your product or service to your potential customers and letting them add to their cart is the first step. However, the pain really begins when you need their delivery address or payment details. Your customer expects an easy-to-navigate checkout process. For example, when they are purchasing a product or service whilst commuting home from work could be the benchmark. If you are not able to deliver this ease of experience, your competitors may win that purchase from your customer. This session focuses solely on mobile and shows a repeatable process on how to optimize the checkout with the help of applied User Experience principles and browser APIs.


Web Analytics Wednesday – Copenhagen
16:30 – 22:30
5 September 2018


Københavns Professionshøjskole Carlsberg Campus
Humletorvet 3

Next to Carlsberg Station
(S Train)