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Web Analytics Wednesday is an international event for analysts and marketers with talks from international and local speakers. IIH Nordic has facilitated the Danish WAW by arranging recurrent events in Copenhagen and periodic events in Århus and abroad. WAW is typically a physical event that aims to bring together the community, but this time learn how to get more out of your online data in this new online format.
At every WAW we aim to secure top-knowledgeable and experienced speakers within the field as well as making sure the sessions will be relevant, updating and exciting to you.
Join us for a night full of great speakers, cases and trends from the analytical world!


Earlier talks at WAW CPH

Web Analytics Wednesday Oct. 30, 2019

On October 30, 2019, IIH Nordic held the second Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen 2019 alongside sponsor Tealium. Check out this video to hear from the amazing speakers: Krista Seiden, Sarah Faber Petersen, Anna Kiljunen, Marta Florentyna Saratowicz and Nicola Strand (host).

Simo Ahava – You Can’t Spell Measure Without Customization

Plug-and-play analytics doesn’t work – we should know that by now. But even an amazing, super-charged analytics pipeline will fail in an organization that lacks the maturity to maintain it. In this talk, Simo Ahava will talk about how “customization” is at the heart of any successful analytics venture.

Patrick Kitchell (Microsoft) – The Collapse of Social Media Engagement

Patrick is a veteran of CRM, social media and a vocal thought leader pushing the boundaries of technology and data.