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Wednesday, October 30th 2019 in Copenhagen

Thank you for being a part of a memorable #WAWCPH!

Amazing talks, international and local speakers, insights and discussions amongst attendees. A sell out event and once again a great buzz catching up with old friends and making new connections. At this WAW we had the pleasure of welcoming Krista Seiden (US), Marta Florentyna Saratowicz (PL/DK), Anna Kiljunen (NL/FI), and Sarah Faber Petersen (UK/DK), alongside host Nicola Strand (UK/DK).

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Speakers at Web Analytics Wednesday 30th of October 2019

Krista Seiden

Founder & Principal Consultant, KS Digital

Founder & Principal Consultant, KS Digital

Krista Seiden is a digital analytics consultant, helping businesses make the most of their investments in digital marketing and analytics. Previously, Krista was VP, Product Marketing & Growth at Quantcast. Prior to that, she was at Google for nearly 7 years, where she led Product Management efforts across the Google Marketing Platform and served as the external evangelist for the Google Analytics suite of products. Krista is a keynote speaker, practitioner, writer on Analytics and Optimization, and passionate supporter of #WomenInAnalytics. You can follow her blog at www.kristaseiden.com and on twitter @kristaseiden.

Digital Analytics Trends: A Changing Industry and What’s Next

The digital analytics industry has seen a lot of changes in recent years, both in terms of new products and ways of doing analysis, and how analysts want to use such tools and access data. In this talk, Krista will touch on the shifting trends she’s seen and dig into new tools such as Google’s App+Web tracking for a glimpse at what the future may look like.

Marta Florentyna Saratowicz

Web Analytics Manager, Resolution Media (Omnicom Media Group)

Web Analytics Manager, Resolution Media (Omnicom Media Group)

Having worked in Denmark, Poland, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates, Marta gathered experience with an international focus. With her background in data and marketing, she combines her knowledge of technology, business, and law for analytical and advertising purposes. Marta specialises in building enterprise measurement plans which secure the integration and activation of data for her clients’.  Marta builds solutions that support digital strategies, from setting business goals to delivering them.

How to Cope with Browsers’ Tracking Prevention

Apple released the first tracking preventing algorithm inside a Safari browser on February 21st, 2019. Apart from restraining the cross-domain tracking possibilities, the algorithm limited the cookie lifetime to 7 days. With a May 13th, 2019 release, ITP limited all cookies’ lifetime to 24 hours. On September 3rd, 2019 Firefox announced blocking third-party cookies by default. 

The implications of tracking prevention algorithms are severe. If your web setup considers multiple domains or you run online advertising, your user type dimension, your conversions, and your attribution are jeopardized. I will take you through analysis and possible solutions to protect your data and your business.

Anna Kiljunen

Solutions Consultant, Tealium

Solutions Consultant, Tealium

Anna has been with Tealium since the beginning of 2019 as part of the global Solution Consulting team covering the Nordics and Netherlands and helping customers and partners to get started with their data orchestration and consolidation processes. Prior to Tealium she has worked in Oracle covering the Customer Experience platform and focusing on martech and the CRM side. She started there after she had been a customer of Oracle in Marketer/CRM product owner in an expert services company in Finland.

Data Orchestration – The Why and How

Like customers, data needs to have a journey. In this session, Anna will discuss the data supply chain and data journey through collecting, strandardizing, transforming, enriching, integrating and activating the data. Businesses see their own customer data as an untapped resource of huge value. Therefore, brands are increasingly aiming to make the data journey their own and experience a real time enriched analytics profile. So why and how is data orchestration important?

Sarah Faber Petersen

Senior Conversion Strategist, CXL Agency

Senior Conversion Strategist, CXL Agency

Sarah started at IIH Nordic when she made the switch to the agency side of things – and hasn’t looked back since. After a few years of learning the basics of CRO and reading everything she could get her hands on – Sarah jumped in the deep end and was asked to head up the CRO & UX department at Greenlight Digital. The task was ‘simple’: develop their proposition, build a solid client base and grow revenue. And so, she did. Within a few months clients and revenue had doubled several times over, in her little department at one of the biggest independently owned digital agencies in the UK. It is with this passion and enthusiasm Sarah now continues her crusade to make the world a better place, one website at a time, with the Big (CRO) Dogs at CXL.

Using the ResearchXL Framework for E-commerce Optimization

Online business is a race without a finish line… But how do you improve your website to get ahead in the race? In this session, Sarah will use the ResearchXL Framework to discuss how to best optimize your website, why the technical analysis plays such a huge rule as the foundation of your website optimation, and the best conversion frameworks to follow. At the core, every redesign should solve problems.

Host: Nicola Strand

Nicola Strand

Over 10 years experience in marketing in a wide range of industries from print media to e-commerce start-ups to huge tech companies. Was introduced to Google Analytics in 2007, which was huge in shaping my career. Currently working at a job that requires the most multi-tasking and most complex people management I’ve ever experienced – maternity leave with my twin babies.

WAW CPH Partners

Web Analytcis Wednesday is a free event and is for everyone, therefore this would not be possible without the fantastic sponsors that are always ready to take part in the biggest and most fun analytics event of the year.

Earlier Talks at WAW CPH

Patrick Kitchell (Microsoft) – The Collapse of Social Media Engagement

Patrick is a veteran of CRM, social media and a vocal thought leader pushing the boundaries of technology and data.

Casper Radil – Getting Personal – Data Driven Personas

Personalised marketing is rapidly becoming a critical success factor for the majority of brand experiences. Segments are are no longer static and will shift in context to how users are interacting with your brand.

Jomar Reyes – Digital Marketing Ecosystems

Today’s marketing is dependent on an ecosystem of cloud based applications, social networks and information from CRMs. In this talk, Jomar Reyes breaks down the dynamics and similarities of an ecosystem, both from nature and for a company.