Web Analytics Wednesday CPH: Feb 2018

The first WAW CPH for 2018 had a few memorable moments: from Casper Radil’s technical question to Julien, Julien’s technical response and Steen’s following comment “To those who did not understand the question or the answer, it is OK”. Nicola Strand of Leo Innovation Lab brought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into context of building your team of specialists, mentors and stakeholders into your data driven culture.

The next WAW CPH has been set for 11 April. Details and bookings are available here.

Event Partners

These are the companies that ensure that Web Analytics Wednesday is a free event with international speakers, catering and are an overall memorable experience.

Speaker Profiles and Session Overviews

 Julien Coquet

Julien Coquet

Renowned Digital Analytics Expert

Julien Coquet (FR)

Julien is a recognized worldwide as a thought leader and expert in various digital marketing disciplines topics. He is the leading reference in France for web/digital analytics and is a Top Contributor to Google’s Advertising Community.

He has worked for prestigious brands such as 3 Suisses, Airbus / EADS, Audi, Bayer, Canal Plus, Carrefour, Cartier, Chanel, Home Depot, HP, ING, L’Oreal, Merck, Nestle, Orange, Oscaro, Philips, RTL, Samsung, Schneider Electric, SFR, Total, Toyota, Volvo – and many more!

The Optimal  TMS Setup

Tag Management Systems are still “sold” as an easy solution to quickly deploy digital marketing tracking solutions but the reality is often less glamorous.
In this talk, digital analytics veteran Julien Coquet discusses strategies to optimize the deployment of a tag management solution to support all of your data collection needs.

Nicola Strand

Nicola Strand

Data Driven and Analytical Senior Marketer

Nicola Strand (UK/DK)

Nicola has 11 years marketing experience and has been a WAW fan girl for three years. She started marketing at a British national newspaper, and now works as the Retention Lead for HelloSkin, which is part of LEO Innovation Lab.

The Data Driven Organisation

Nicola’s WAW talk is inspired from when she realised that although everyone these days is indeed data driven, the definition of “data driven” isn’t always the same across the board. In her talk, she will go through the difference between being “report driven” and “data driven”, how to break down departmental silos and tips on how to foster a data driven environment, even if you are not in management.

Mark Edmondson

Mark Edmondson

Data Engineer (GDE)

Mark Edmondson (IIH Nordic)

Mark Edmondson is an official Google Developer Experts (GDE) in the world an plays an active role in the strategic development of Google’s data analytics products offering.
At IIH Nordic, he works with the architecture of datalakes, BigQuery and Machine Learning.

Data Driven Strategy – Power of the Cloud

Today’s optimal digital strategy, uses data from multiple sources, enabling companies to truly data driven. This enables machine learning to be applied to data more efficiently, with greater accuracy and more instantaneously.
Combining customer, analytics, marketing and CRM data here we not only get a single repository, but can also provide highly valuable data that can increase supply chain efficiency, forecasting accuracy and sales growth and sales optimisation.
Data needs to be setup to define our segments and profiles based on their actual behaviour and not our prejudice

Casper Radil

Casper Radil

Data Scientist & Senior Web Analyst

Casper Radil (IIH Nordic)

Casper Radil has worked with web analytics since 1999 and as a dedicated full-time web analytics specialist since 2005. His main role is to design and use digital data to gain insights about user behaviour. He is working within the areas of data strategy, digital infrastructure, data analysis, web analytics and multidimensional statistics.

Getting Personal – Customer Profiling with Machine learning in BigQuery

With BigQuery business and organisations have a unique chance of taking there analytics data and start the transformation towards a data lake. By combining customer, analytics, marketing and CRM data here we not only get a repository where can have room to add or work with data as we see fit, we also open up for the opportunity to use machine learning to actually sift through our data to help determine the causality and relationship between the individual data points. This way we use the full power of data to define our segments and profiles based on their actual behavior and not our prejudice

Disney Yapa

Disney Yapa

Territory Manager Nordics

Disney Yapa (UK)

Disney is a tech enthusiast and digital evangelist. Working with leading SaaS vendors in Berlin, Sydney and London to empower Fortune 500 clients to understand, incentivize, retain, reward and grow their customers. Driven by curiosity to explore various sectors such as telecoms, stored value payments, mobile enterprise application platforms, web accessibility and real-time interaction management. Current interest in digital experience analytics with a focus on growing the ContentSquare UX Analytics solution in the Nordics.

Data for everyone! Analytics In the age of abstraction, visualisation and AI.

Is the practice of specialised analytics teams working in silo’s and creating vast report artefacts to the business team still the best practice? In the today’s environment business users are subject to an amassment of data and restrictions on resources to act on them. Time to rethink analytics?
Disney will question the status quo of many digital teams today to provoke thought and highlight alternative analytics projects. Use cases will be shared from the digital and people transformation initiative that is being led by ContentSquare to empower businesses with UX Analytics.

Todd Patton

Todd Patton

Head of Comms & Story

Todd Patton (US)

A journalist by trade, Todd has worked in content marketing at tech companies from Salt Lake City to Detroit to San Francisco to Copenhagen. After working at KUER, the NPR radio station in Salt Lake City, he made the jump into marketing and has helped build out content strategies that consist of thought-leadership and lead generation pieces of video eBooks, infographics, and blogs.
Today, Todd Patton is the Head of Comms & Story at TwentyThree – The Video Marketing Platform.

How to Be Data-Driven About Video Across the Entire Marketing Funnel

In 2018, video is one of the best ways to tell stories and connect with your customers. In this talk, Todd will cover how marketers can harness the power of video and integrate it into traditional marketing. What video metrics actually matter? How can marketers collect leads from video and build their database? Or even use video with email? All of these questions are important for modern marketers to effectively use video across the entire marketing funnel.)