Review of WAW Copenhagen 27 February 2019

Thank you for being a part of a memorable #WAWCPH!

Amazing talks, international and local speakers, insights and discussions amongst attendees. A sell out event and once again a great buzz catching up with old friends and making new connections. At this WAW we had the pleasure of welcoming Simo Ahava (FI), Steffen Fagerström Christensen (DK), Lars Gundersen (DK), Peter O’Neill (UK/Aus), Stefanie Kreek (NL) and our were own Mark Edmondson (DK/UK).

We all know that there is a growing demand for analytics in today’s business environment  and WAW CPH is a special place for inspiration and knowledge sharing. All of us in the IIH event team are honored to be nurturing this community through the WAW event.

Looking back, some of the key topics included the use and importance of customization within analytics, data driven video production, how Ekstra Bladet has started to focus more on the use of data and becoming more data reliant with editorial, the future of analytics, the importance of building multi-disciplined teams and the use of qualitative insights in analysing the use experience.

We work towards making each WAWCPH a world class event, and together with the event partners and us at IIH, keep it as a free event.

Steen & the IIH Events Team

Photographer: Jomar Reyes

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Speakers at Web Analytics Wednesday 27th of February 2019

Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava

Partner and Senior Data Advocate

Simo Ahava, 8-bit-sheep

As a prolific content creator and educator in the digital analytics space, Simo Ahava is recognized worldwide as an expert on customising web analytics and tag management solutions to improve the entire “life cycle” of data collection, processing, and reporting. He operates on a daily basis as partner and co-founder at 8-bit-sheep. He also writes a leading blog on all things Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager development at www.simoahava.com. Thanks to his expertise in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Google has appointed him as one of only a handful of Google Developer Experts in these areas globally.

“You can’t spell Measure without Customization

Plug-and-play analytics doesn’t work – we should know that by now. But even an amazing, super-charged analytics pipeline will fail in an organization that lacks the maturity to maintain it.

“Customization” is at the heart of any successful analytics venture, and in this talk, Simo Ahava will talk about it on three levels: How do we customize our data collection setups to break through the schemas imposed upon us by the analytics tools we use? How do we improve the communication structures within our organizations, so that data is not seen as a blocker but rather an enabler? And how do we increase empathy in individuals, uncovering the learning paths that make the most sense in an organization that wants to grow with data?

Steffen Fagerström Christensen

Steffen Fagerström Christensen

CTO & Co-founder

Steffen Fagerström Christensen, TwentyThree

Steffen is responsible for product & platform at TwentyThree, a tech company which has rethought the online video workflow from the ground up. Steffen is building a stable infrastructure that has served 1 billion video impressions to date.  

Creator of Resumable.JS , Steffen is a startup advisor and angel-investor, and he is incredibly passionate about video marketing. Steffen holds an Msc in Political Science.

A Breakdown of Video Data and How to Use It

Steffen Christensen will walk you through what it means to be data-driven with video and how to integrate that data into your tech stack. Whether it’s improved lead scoring or Google Analytics attribution, video data can be a valuable resource to shape a digital strategy.

Lars Gundersen

Lars Gundersen

Head of Digital Analytics Platforms

Lars Gundersen, Ekstra Bladet

Lars has many years of experience with Analytics and has been employed by companies such as Valtech and IIH Nordic. He is currently working for Ekstra Bladet, where he has responsibility for the digital analytics platforms and is involved in projects including Google Analytics for large streaming data applications and ML data project build in AWS.

The bumpy road to data addiction

Everyone is talking about how important it is to achieve a strong culture of data in companies, but few succeed. Lars will provide unique insights into Ekstra Bladet’s journey towards creating data reliance in an industry, that has not been particularly known for this. He will show concrete examples of data projects and approaches, which have made Ekstra Bladet one of Europe’s most data-driven News sources.

Peter O’Neill

Peter O’Neill


Peter O’Neill, LeapThree

Globally acknowledged for a knowledge of and passion for Digital Analytics and a frequent speaker at Digital conferences around the world. Started the now global Digital Analytics unconference Measurecamp in 2012 and have helped it grow to what it is today. He is the founder of the Leap Three analytics agency working out of London in 2010. The focus at LeapThree is on using data to improve business performance, informing decisions made and actions taken by clients. Expert at overcoming barriers that prevent the use of the information available from analytics and transforming company culture around the use of data.

“The Digital Analytics Solution of the Future”

Frustrated with the present, Peter jumps ahead to describe the future for Digital Analytics within organisations. He will describe the Digital Analytics solution for the future across the people, technology and processes requirements. This won’t just be the dream set-up for large organisations with big budgets (that’s easy) but instead how Digital Analytics can be made to be useful, in a practical sense, for organisations of any size.

Mark Edmondson

Mark Edmondson

Senior Data Scientist

Mark Edmondson, IIH Nordic

Mark Edmondson is an official Google Developer Experts (GDE) in the world and plays an active role in the strategic development of Google’s data analytics products offering. Mark is an acknowledge speaker within his fields of expertise and he has recently given a talk at Superweek in Hungary.

At IIH Nordic, he works with the architecture of datalakes, BigQuery and Machine Learning.

“Man Vs machine – integrating machine learning into your digital analytics teams”

For a man with a new hammer everything looks like a nail and sometimes we forget to draw a line when machine learning is the right tool and when an analyst actually is required to do the job right. Mark will give a version of his talk earlier this year at Superweek, where he will dive into big thoughts on how to distinguish what is needed when.

Stefanie Kreek

Stefanie Kreek

Product Marketing Manager

Stefanie Kreek, Usabilla

Stefanie carries expert knowledge in measuring & optimizing the online customer experience. When it comes to future-proof digital experiences, she believes customer insights are crucial. As a former Usabilla customer, she knows how companies struggle collecting feedback and understands the growing complexity of customer journeys. As Product Marketing Manager at Usabilla, she is busy not only with her customers’ experiences but with advising them to optimize their own customer-centric strategies.

The WHY behind your analytics: using qualitative insights for future-proof customer experiences

Complex customer journeys, ever-growing demands and decreasing customer loyalty all force brands to focus on the customer experience. Seamless experiences may be the goal, but where do you start? Combine the power of analytics with qualitative insights to build your best CX strategy yet. During this presentation Stefanie will share with you where to start with CX measurements, how to benefit from feedback in addition to analytics and lessons learned from our customers.

WAW CPH Partners

Earlier Talks – WAW CPH

Patrick Kitchell (Microsoft) – The Collapse of Social Media Engagement

Patrick is a veteran of CRM, social media and a vocal thought leader pushing the boundaries of technology and data.

Casper Radil – Getting Personal – Data Driven Personas

Personalised marketing is rapidly becoming a critical success factor for the majority of brand experiences. Segments are are no longer static and will shift in context to how users are interacting with your brand.

Jomar Reyes – Digital Marketing Ecosystems

Today’s marketing is dependent on an ecosystem of cloud based applications, social networks and information from CRMs. In this talk, Jomar Reyes breaks down the dynamics and similarities of an ecosystem, both from nature and for a company.