Cloud for Marketing

We help both Danish and international companies create and improve their data strategy, and we know what it takes to future-proof your data and how it can give you a competitive advantage.

Cloud future-proofs your marketing activities

Many companies spend a significant amount of time reporting on marketing activities with data hidden in silos. This makes it harder to use the data strategically, and the ability to react quickly is weakened and demands a lot of resources Time is precious, and the way forward is through consolidation and automation of data that can save time and minimize the need to purchase systems and IT and BI resources. Put simply, the future of marketing lies in the use of Cloud technology.

Whatever the size of your business, there is business value in leveraging Cloud technology. Working closely with our specialists, we can design a data strategy that future-proofs your data, delivering competitive advantage across departments – from marketing to IT, BI, and finance.


These are the challenges our clients often face when using Cloud technology

Data is the most important foundation for your marketing activities, and many companies don’t get the full benefit of their data. Some of the typical challenges we see with our clients are that:

  • They do not have a setup that makes it easy to exploit the data they have available
  • They spend the marketing budget on the wrong customers
  • They’re spreading themselves too thin because they don’t know their customers well enough
  • They base their segments on assumptions rather than data
  • They do not personalize the customer experience based on data about their customers’ behaviour, interests, and purchase history
  • They do not have the necessary knowledge to predict e.g. customer lifetime value or conversion readiness

Do you recognize one or more of the issues in your business? Then we can help you future-proof your business through Cloud as we have done for Life Extension, Bonnier, Aller Leisure and Nemlig.

Consolidating data in the cloud gives competitive advantage

To effectively drive digital growth, it is essential to manage data sources across the enterprise. Data that is not set up correctly, is dispersed across multiple platforms, or a lack of ability to analyse and understand the data collected, slows down your ability to react quickly and in the worst case leads to decisions and budgets being based on incorrect information.

When data is the premise of your entire business, you should also demand that the foundation, your data strategy, is optimally developed. At IIH Nordic, data is the starting point for everything we do across the digital disciplines, and we know how integrating, collecting, analysing, and executing that data impacts not just the marketing department, but your entire business. By combining internal data (sales, operating costs, and staff) with online data, you can optimize your resources to deliver optimal revenue and cost efficiency.

When internal and online data come together, we can make the decisions that help grow your business – now and in the future. The data strategy of the future is based on Cloud technology, and by using the latest technology, we can collaborate on building a solid foundation that consolidates and automates your data and benefits the entire company.

5 reasons to work with us

  1. We take your professional development seriously
  2. We work with Cloud in a larger marketing context
  3. We have access to the latest tools and technologies
  4. We help you get the most out of your data
  5. We collaborate with major Danish and international companies


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