Re-capture and anonymize the most important metrics

Are you losing data due to Cookie Compliance?

Legal requirements to cookie consent solutions entail that users can opt-out of sharing their data. Our experience shows that users opting out of accepting cookies can cause a 30 % loss of data about your website visitors – inevitably impacting your company’s ability to make informed decisions.

Robert Johnson

Head of Cloud and Analytics
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Performance data is critical to manage the purpose of your website

The Danish cookie law states that consent must be provided before collecting any form of data about a visit. Many businesses believe they are compliant simply by installing a cookie banner, but that does not equal full compliance. Organisations face numerous consequences if no action is taken.

Legal regulations impose a major dilemma to companies, as websites have lost on average 30 % of their ability to understand daily key performance metrics. Not only is it difficult to know what content is relevant, the ROI of marketing campaigns is misunderstood and in many cases considerably in decline.  If you want to hear more about solutions to these challenges, contact us. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet our customer needs.

If you continue to work as usual, you will make decisions on an uninformed basis

Up to 30 % of visitors decline cookies, which means that their traffic and data are invisible to you. This data stemming from the most basic functions of a website has a high degree of value. Content managers rely on knowing as much detail as possible about content consumption to write relevant content. Marketing managers need to know which channels and campaigns are performing to make relevant adjustments. Website managers need to know if page links are broken and are dependent on knowing which devices are causing issues. User Experience needs to know where visitors are dropping out of sales flows. Data is necessary to make such well-informed decision in your marketing.

In short, if 30 % of your data is missing, 30 % of the value of making improvements is lost. What is this 30 % worth to your organisation? We can help you to figure that out.

Re-capture your data, make it anonymous and improve your marketing

IIH Nordic has invested a year in building a reliable and secure data anonymisation process using the latest encryption, data security and infrastructure from Google. The result for our clients is improved content management, marketing optimisation, conversion to sale and customer experience. With 15 years of experience in implementing data and analytics solutions, companies like Rockwool, Bestseller and Chr. Hansen trust IIH Nordic to get the utmost value of their data.

We present a solution based on the specific needs of your organisation. We ensure our data anonymisation service is always kept up to date and quality control our solutions on a regular basis. We offer a range of solutions to fit different budgets as well as simple and complex needs, and are confident that we can find a solution for you.

Which solution is the right for you? Give us a call or fill out the contact form below and let’s start a discussion.

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