Exploit data analytics and customer insights
to make the right decisions

Data is part of the strategy

To be able to run an efficient data strategy, it is essential to have control over your data. Data is always a part of the strategy we create for your company, and we use data analysis and customer insight to make the right decisions.

All the way from data strategy to implementation, training, and education. operations and data governance we can, based on data, create the prerequisite for success in your business.

Steen Rasmussen

Digital Strategist & Senior Partner
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Google Analytics gives you an easy way to track the effectiveness of your online marketing activities and help by strengthening your content, structure, and development of the webpage. The Premium version of Analytics is part of the Google 360 Suite – and have a long list of benefits for bigger companies and organizations.

IIH Nordic is one of the few Goolge Train-the-Trainer companies, which means that we train our own industry and competitors in among other, set-up, advisory and education in Google Analytics.

IIH Nordic is Adobe Analytics Certified expert, and help companies with their implementation, validation and continuous support of Adobe Analytics

A tailored Adobe Analytics contract with IIH Nordic assures you an optimal database, and help you in taking the right decisions based on data from Adobe Analytics.


In a business, there are leaders, specialists, and generalists, experts and strategists, who all need different sets of data. You should only usee the data and the KPI’s that are relevant to you.

Data should be communicated based on needs, and all irrelevant data should be sorted out. With an interactive and dynamic dashboard, everyone in the business has their own access to the data and the tools.

We build dashboards as a data application. This means, that the dashboard is like dynamic field across all your analytic tools. Through your own log-in, you can access the tailored data where you can decide yourself how it should be presented,  and you can easily sort out irrelevant data, or dig deeper into elements of your interest,

We build dashboards for among others, Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Partner

Cookie compliance

Legal requirements to cookie consent solutions entail that users can opt-out of sharing their data. Insufficient collection of cookie data can create holes in your online marketing, and you can lose valuable insights about visitor traffic on your website.

Meanwhile, The Danish Data Protection Agency requires companies to classify all cookies and many businesses think that they are compliant simply by installing a cookie banner. The truth is that a cookie banner does not ensure that a website is compliant, and it is fairly easy to see when a website does not comply with cookie legislation.

For the past 15 years, our specialists have collaborated with large businesses on implementing data and analytics solutions and during all of 2020, we have worked on developing a solution for collecting anonymized data for companies, to ensure valuable data insights.

Data Management Platform

A data management platform is a valuable middleman that collects your data, process it into segments or customer profiles and furthers it in a meaningful way.

The system integrates with for example Google Analytics, CRM, marketing automation platforms or social media. This gives you an opportunity to use your data for personalization of your webpage or e-mails, maintain the interest from previous visitors of your site, and create improved user experiences.

We are certified in several data management platforms, and we know what kind of data that can answer the questions you have.

Tag management

A tag management system comes with many benefits.

You can implement tags much faster with less use of IT-resources and an in controlled Q&A. Other than that, you are always updated with the latest code and can easily change and implement new code to optimize your analytics set-up.

We offer advisory, implementation, and training in tag management-systems to assure a safe and optimal setup and usage. Let us help you to identify, what’s needed for you to have a data setup that can be used for optimal operational, tactic and strategic optimization of your online activities.


Interpreting data is our expertise, both from the users and business perspective. This enables you to make the best business decisions based on well-documented information.

Based on results from our analysis, you will have the best starting point for targeting and optimization of your webpage and online marketing.

Our recommendations for improvements are, other than data, based on our work with the purchasing process, customer experience, customer retention and improved sales from a wide range of our clients.

Conversion optimization

IIH Nordic help you to get more clients, a better effect on your marketing and more loyal visitors. We create noticeable results through optimization of your webpage based on a loyalty perspective, for the clients to have a better user experience.

When we optimize your webpage, we work systematically based on a best practice model, that focuses on giving you more leads at a lower cost.

Data Governance

90% of all the data that exist in the world right now has been produced during the last 2 years. Thanks to IoT and the massive increase in time spent surfing, playing, socializing and shopping online, the amount of data will continue increase at this rate. The accumulated amount of data means that you constantly have to assure that your data holds a high standard.

There are way too many companies who do not keep consistency in their data collection, not quality assurance, which creates gaps in the understanding and the decision making material, costing both time and resources.

IIH Nordic has helped both Danish and international companies with processing, monitoring, and quality assurance, and we help you in creating your data governance strategy.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis can be used for many things. Predictive analysis gives you the opportunity to predict a result or action based on existing data.

Our use of predictive analytics takes advantage of our knowledge about data to predict for example the churn risk for a specific user, or what communication channel the user will use next time, based on the existing online behavior.

This knowledge can prevent a customer from ending up at a competitor, predict new trends or help you understand what products the customer want, other than the existing ones.

Machine Learning

With machine learning, you can automize repetitively and time-consuming manual tasks and receive new insight into customer behavior considering the intelligent prediction.

You could, for example, predict user behavior and from that, target your customers with relevant messages, you could improve the user experience at your site with intelligent load speed optimization, identify abnormalities in complex datasets in real-time before the problem starts costing you money, or, you can automize prioritization of for example messages from customers.

At IIH Nordic we have helped business with developing and implementing innovative machine learning solutions, that intelligently, and efficiently reduced their costs and increased their revenue.

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