Create more value by understanding the customer journey

Invest in online marketing with a focus towards branding, sales and customer loyalty

Digital marketing covers a broad spectrum, and it is important to understand the customer journey to make the most out of the different channels.

Our extensive data insights enable us to assist you in creating the right KPI’s, which down the line will generate the most value for your business. With the deepest insight and latest technology, we work smarter and more effectively with everything from SEO, SoMe, SEM, display, Youtube, email marketing and programmatic buying.

We continuously make additions to our repertoire with new services,  and we are dedicated to developing new technologies that can ensure that your business gets the maximal return on your investment. We deliver the industry’s leading services, research, and development, to ensure that you always have the necessary insights, technologies, and resources to help your firm realize their digital potential.

Google AdWords

AdWords-markedsføring er en af de vigtigste digitale kanaler, der kræver specialistviden og multikompetencer for at opnå succes. Hos IIH taler vi digital forretning og ikke kun faglige termer som CPC, CTR, CPM, QS og CPO.

Vi vil udvikle de krævende kunder, som udviser tillid, så vi sammen kan skabe målbare resultater ved brug af nyeste teknologi, nyeste viden og stor forretningsforståelse. Vi træner andre bureauer i bl.a. AdWords gennem Google Partner Academy.

Services: Løbende AdWords håndtering, ekspertopsætning, AdWords validering, ad hoc opgaver og workshops.

Contact person

Thomas Hermann

Head of Digital Marketing

Contact person

Christian Doeleman-Lassen

Head of SEO & CRO


Søgemaskineoptimering kan være den billigste vej til flere besøgende. De fleste brugere finder allerede jeres side via søgemaskiner som Google, og med den rette indsats kan vi få jer helt til tops.

Selvom I allerede er et kendt brand, er synligheden i Google ekstremt vigtig, når brugerne søger efter jeres ydelser og produkter. I fællesskab får vi kortlagt en strategi for søgemaskineoptimering, som passer i forhold til jeres overordnede målsætninger og online marketingstrategi og sikrer jer øget salg.


With the help of social media, you can create and develop relationships with your clients and target group. At IIH we know what strategies that work in the different social media outlets, and we can help you with creating the best campaign considering your target group and your business. It is important to support your Social Media campaign with Display advertising and AdWords to maximize the value of your investment. IIH Nordic can help you create the right mix of social media and supporting activities for your message and target group.

Contact person

Marie Bojesen

SEM Specialist

Ida Madsen

Senior SEO & CRO Specialist

Content Marketing

Content marketing is focused on creating value for your target group. Today, the users want to choose themselves what kind of advertising they want to be exposed to. They want to do both the research and the final decision by themselves. A big part of the B2C dialogue is happening on social media, making it a good platform for publishing good pull-marketing content. High-quality content targeted the right users can give you a fantastic ROI if done correctly. IIH Nordic work with content marketing and produce content both for our own brand and for our clients.  At IIH Nordic we have extensive knowledge and experience with content marketing and can help your business with everything from content strategy, to production and execution.


More than 3 million Danes are on facebook, and that number is still rising. This makes Facebook the ultimate place to launch a campaign, strengthen the relationship with clients and increase the sales. We create measurable results with Facebook advertising for both B2B and B2C clients, resulting in a higher ROI and new interesting leads.


Over 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the marketing channel is an important step of the clients buying process. We can optimize your YouTube advertising for you to reach out to the right target group and maximize the value for your budget, while you weave YouTube into your other channels.


As LinkedIn has become a more popular social media, its potential for being a good place to advertise has also increased, considering lead generation. IIH Nordic are specialists in reaching your customers through social advertising. IIH Nordic have had a very good success with LinkedIn advertising, but many companies forget, or overlook, LinkedIn as a channel to reach their B2B clients.


Remarketing is personalized marketing that displays advertisements to the potential clients that already showed interest in your brand. With the help of an advanced audience profile tool, we can gather data across several platforms and make a cross-channel remarketing strategy. This means that based on the data we gathered, we can automatically generate targeted advertisements that are shown on Google and social media to users who already visited your web page to maintain the interest and the bond you have with the client.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to communicate with your current and potential clients. E-mail marketing is based on dialogues and build relationships and will give you great opportunities to try new concepts and measure your new ideas and your success. IIH Nordic can help you build an effective email campaign that can reach and engage all your current and potential customers, in a place where you know they will be, their inbox.


Many see it as a challenge to create effective display advertising that creates attention and commitment all the way through to the desired action. IIH Nordic help you to get a higher value from your display-campaigns through strategy, design, setup and effect measurement.

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