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Google AdWords-specialists since 2005

IIH Nordic have worked with Google AdWords advertising since 2005, resulting in a broad experience and knowledge of AdWords advertising, and led us to become a Google Premium Partner. We manage AdWords for a big variety of both Danish and international clients, across many different markets. We regularly attend international conferences, both as speakers and visitors, and we know Google’s products so closely, that we are a part of Google Partner Academy, where we train other agencies to use among others Google AdWords.
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Thomas Hermann

Head of Digital Marketing
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We focus on results and development

AdWords-marketing is one of the most important digital channels, and require specialist knowledge and multi-competencies to achieve success. New entrants, bigger advertising budgets, new opportunities and more critical users lead to a tough competition on AdWords.

When your organization is choosing an agency for AdWords management, it is important that you focus on more than “just” the AdWords competencies, as many more competencies are needed to achieve a successful AdWords advertising. At IIH Nordic, we have a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to AdWords. the following competencies are crucial to our client’s success:

– Data-driven and certified specialists

– understanding of business is part of our DNA

-Intelligent optimization with the best tools

-Long-term and strategic focus towards the whole marketing mix

Do you have full insight into your AdWords advertising?

AdWords require a complex set-up with many parameters to account for, and our experience says that many organizations use their budget in the wrong way. A good AdWords management that delivers results and allocates the budget appropriately require updated knowledge. We can help you reach your full AdWords potential.

Tasks we can help you with

  • Continuous Google Ads-management

  • Display, remarketing and YouTube advertising

  • Advertising with Google Marketing Platform ad-serving

  • Expert set-up or validation of your account

  • PPC-Strategy - Danish or international

  • Programmatic buying and avancerede scripts

We have high expectations  – Both on ourselves and on you

AdWords-clients of IIH Nordic are bigger Danish and international organizations, that all have high expectations and requirements for our ongoing work and the results we present. They are demanding clients, but also clients that have a high trust in our competencies, and are ready to undergo the needed changes to achieve outstanding results.

We look at your account and give an objective evaluation of how we can create value for your organization. If you are interested in hearing more about Google AdWords, you are welcome to contact us, of course completely non-binding.

IIH Nordic have delivered results for Danish and international organizations since 2005 and have been awarded “Analytics House of the year” the last 6 consecutive years