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Search Engine Optimization – We make it simple for the customers to find you online

Search engine optimization is a cheap and efficient method to assure visibility of your products and services – and it increases the relevant traffic to your webpage. IIH Nordic have over 10 years of experience of help both Danish and international organizations to become visible to their customers. We believe in thorough analysis, a good business understanding and a holistic approach to our work is the way forward to gain the most possible value from your SEO -and we have the results that prove it too.

Christian Doeleman

Head of SEO & CRO
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SEO starts with insights

The first steps towards value-creating search engine optimization are concrete insights into the opportunities and challenges you are facing. By analyzing your current SEO work, we give you insights into your potential and give you concrete recommendations for your SEO-work that can create both short and long-term value for your organization.

Based on the challenges that your organization is facing, we create a strategy that can help you create value through visibility and growth.

A part of the strategy

At IIH Nordic we believe that the interaction between the individual channels plays a major role in achieving a good result. If all of them move in the same direction, we will reach the goal faster.

Therefore, we put focus towards creating an SEO-strategy that support your overarching goals and the rest of your marketing mix. In this way, we secure that SEO becomes an integrated part of your digital marketing strategy and contribute to that you can reach your goals.

This is how we help you create growth

Our specialist knowledge help you identify the most relevant and efficint SEO-actions, for you to gain most possible value form your investment. With a focus towards creating more relevant traffic with high quality to your page, you will experience that search engine optimization is a long-term investment that helps you achieve growth, Get on overview of some of the things we can help you with.

  • Analysis and potential spotting

  • Continuous SEO optimization

  • Webbpage migration

  • Optimization of technical set-up

  • Global SEO-strategy

  • Education and development to employees

CASE: International SEO-strategy for Rockwool

Rockwool is one of the global leaders in isolation. The organization is represented in over 35 countries and are market leaders in many European countries. Roockwools headquarters are located in Hedenehusen, just outside of Copenhagen, but are represented through local offices in many different countries.

  • Background

    Rockwool does not conduct any direct sales on their webpage, but their webpage is still a big part of the sales process, as it gives the customers a chance to get to know the company and give the customers a credible guidance online. Their digital strategy is made from their headquarters in Denmark, but the local web editors are responsible for creating relevant content based on their knowledge of the market. Rockwool wanted to give their local web editors the relevant tools and knowledge about SEO, to start a global action to increase visibility in all their markets.

  • Solution

    An extensive SEO-analysis on three of the most important markets was made, including recommendations related to search terms, content optimization, and technical improvements. Lists with assignments for every country web editor included specific assignments, their estimated time and the potential for each assignment. All web editors underwent Searchmetrics training, to ensure that they all had updated knowledge to be able to optimize their local webpage.

  • Effect

    The project was a big success, and IIH Nordic ended up launching the project to 12 additional European and North American markets. The project has resulted in an increased organic visibility – several markets have increased their visibility with over 100%. Rockwool headquarters are monitoring the development across all markets from a smart dashboard function in Searchmetrics.

SEO with an international focus

SEO is a complex discipline that requires you to take a long list of technical factors into account – and the complexity is not decreased as you operate in several countries. We have a great experience with international SEO and have helped a long list of both Danish and international organizations to create a long-term and sustainable international SEO strategy to assure organic visibility globally.

Maximize your SEO-potential

At IIH Nordic. we help you with advising, execution and education related to your need. Together with you, we create a plan for how you best work with SEO to reach your goal and maximize your SEO potential.

If you want to hear more about how an increase SEO-focus can help you grow, you are welcome to contact us for a meeting where we tell you more about how SEO activities can create value for your organization.