We help you get the basics right

Efficient digital presence requires you to have a solid foundation

As digital experts, we help our clients to assure that they have a solid foundation to build a digital strategy that establishes a clear direction and ensures that you capitalize on your decisions.

Many businesses make a strategy without knowing how to execute it. We are specialists in asking the right questions, as we know your challenges and the data that can help you understand your customers. This ensures that you choose the right KPI’s, channels, segments, and actions etc. that you should focus on to follow the strategy and get the most value.

Marketing strategy

An overview and a coherent plan are needed to assure the right combination of digital activities for you to gain as much value as possible from your resources.

IIH Nordic was born into a digital world and we know what to measure and analyze to set up the right KPI’s, choose the right combination of marketing activities and measure their effect.

Digital strategy

IIH Nordic was born into a digital reality.

We are data driven and have developed digital strategies for more than twelve years by collecting, analyzing and executing on the basis of data.

We can also help you in the course of your digital transformation, and with you we can create a digital strategy that optimizes your data and resources and fulfills your digital potential.

Data strategy

The world is complex. You are overwhelmed with data, tools, and knowledge.

We have by 790 respondents been voted Analytics House of the year for the 5th consecutive year and are among Denmark’s most talented in analyzing, measuring and using data.

We know how different sources of data can be connected to give you a good overview, and we can help you build a data strategy that ensures the possibility to take action based on your data.

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