Technology is part of our DNA

Realize your digital potential

Technology is a part of our DNA, and choosing the right technologies is essential if you wish to realize your digital potential and get the most possible value from your efforts. This is why, we always work with the latest and best technology, while also developing our own tools and applications, which optimize our own work, so that we can optimize our client’s digital presence.

We assist you in choosing the technologies, which are the best fit for your organization, your ambition, and assist you with creating the best setup. While facilitating the training, maintenance, and development which is required for a technology to contribute to your success.

Read about our own technologies, and the systems have partnered with below.

Mathias Faaborg

Chief Digital Officer
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Machine learning

Ønsker du at blive en del af fremtiden og bruge dine data til at forudsige, hvad der kommer til at ske?

Mange taler om det, få ved, hvad det er, og kun enkelte kan udføre det. Machine Learning handler kort og godt om at aktivere data gennem brugen af intelligente algoritmer, der er i stand til at være selvlærende. Dermed kan du gennem brugen af Machine Learning bl.a. komme i stand til at lave forudsigelser af dine kunders præferencer og derigennem optimere din forretning. Vi har bl.a. brugt vores machine learning-produkt & kompetencer til følgende cases:

  • Forudsigelse af markedsudvikling for standardvarer, hvilket affødte en EBITDA impact på 5-10% på 1 år gennem optimering af procurement funktionen.
  • Forudsigelse af brugeres adfærd på eCommerce sites mhp. at optimere load tiden, hvilket affødte en stigning i omsætning på berørte kunder på +30%.
  • Forudsigelse af vejhændelser (bl.a. trafikuheld) på tværs af Danmark for at sænke responstid og transporttid.

Vi er førende i markedet for machine learning og kan modificere vores teknologi til at understøtte din forretning og dine behov. Kontakt os for komme i gang med at optimere din forretning og skabe værdi for dine kunder

Loadspeed optimization with machine learning

Med intelligent brug af data vil vi kunne forudsige, hvor brugerne har tænkt sig at klikke. Ved at preloade siden i baggrunden oplever dine brugere, at websitet loader hurtigere, og de får dermed en bedre brugeroplevelse.

En hurtig loadspeed har direkte indflydelse på din forretning – ved bare 1 sek. langsommere loadhastighed falder konverteringsraten typisk 20%. Ved 2 sek. er det ca. 35% fald. Herfra er det ikke svært at lave det endelige regnestykke.

Vi har udarbejdet en machine learning engine, som ved hjælp af Google Analytics- eller Adobe-data er i stand til at lave forudsigelser på den enkelte brugers adfærd.

Med et lille script gennemanalyserer vi jeres data og kan på daglig basis se, hvor præcist vores engine rammer. Det tager typisk 3-6 uger afhængigt af sitets størrelse og herfra forbedres load speed hele tiden, når vores “load speed machine” bliver mere og mere intelligent.

Markant forbedret load speed med machine learning

Visitdenmark har oplevet en load speed-forbedring på hele 40% på tværs af sitet, og på udvalgte sider er load speed forbedret 75%. Det har haft positiv effekt på konverteringer for alle de otte lande, Visitdenmark opererer i.


Searchmetrics is the best SEO tool in the world – and have received that title three years in a row.

No other SEO tool give you such complete data or give you that many recommendations within text, technology, and links. Searchmetrics tell you exactly what you need to add to move your webpage towards top ranking and receive more organic traffic, for you to work more efficiently and get better results. IIH Nordic is their biggest partner in the Nordics, and we are the only one with their top certificate, the Saphire. We help your business with everything from setup to training, continuous development, sparring together with an orientation about new opportunities.

Searchmetrics Sapphire Partner

Google Analytics 360

Let this year analytics house help you to upgrade your Google Analytics tracking for Google Analytics 360 Premium. We are specialists to assure, that you get the most value from your setup and cover everything from coverage need and to BigQuery, maintenance, control and use of intelligent plugins. KPI training, development of DA dashboards, anchoring the product in the organization, data strategy, and KPI training, together with machine learning and AI are also topics where we can support you and help your business develop.

Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google 360 Suite

360 suite from Google is a tool within digital marketing and part of the Google Enterprise Marketing Martech stack, that creates a starting point for a coherent data-driven online marketing. Other than Google Analytics 360 and Google Tag Manager 360, the suite also includes the A/B testing tool Google Optimize 360, the survey tool Google survey 360, the data visualization tool Google DataStudio 360 and Google Attribution 360.

Google Analytics 360 Suite

Get an enterprise tag management system that controls all your interactions, scripts and compliance with GDPR. IIH Nordics is a certified partner and help both Danish and international businesses with maximizing the value of the data they receive with them of Tealium. Tealium is made for all those IT issues that remain unsolved and end up costing a fortune. By being a certified partner, we can help your business with training, setup, use of the system and sparring and advice for you to get the most value from your investment. Tealium required a broad portfolio of competences, that IIH Nordic can offer you, both technical, business and strategic etc. This means that, by entering IIH on the sidelines, you ensure that you constantly experience momentum and optimization of the system.

DoubleClick by Google

DoubleClick is Google’s own enterprise Advertising platform, that helps you keep track of all your digital marketing activities, such as display and remarketing, tightly integrated with your analytics data. Through a combination of an efficient user interface and access to practically all channels you get a good overview of both the activities and their results, in one simple system. Google DoubleClick is one of the worlds most used Advertising systems and is used by bigger businesses, that need an operational tool that can assure optimal use of the marketing budget.


Optimizely is one of the leading tools for doing A/B split-test. Keep to versions of the same page and let them both run towards each other, for you to compare their performance and to set up multivariate tests.

During the summer of 2015, Optimizley went from only focusing on A/B test-, split-test- and multivariate test solutions to developing their product pallet with an enterprise tool developed with an easy and advanced personalization tool, running on the same reliable interface as their recognized testing engine.

IIH Nordic is a solutions partner of Optimizely, and we help our customers implement, chose and set up tests.

Digital competitor analysis

Do you know, who your competitor is – in the digital world?

What are your competitors doing, are you doing better,r or worse than them? What tools do they use?
What campaigns are they doing? What is their organization looking like? If the marketing increase – are we increasing more then the market, or are we just riding the wave?

These are insights and questions that you continuously can get answered with the help of our digital competitor’s insight tool. With a composition of over 25 tools, we can give you the needed insights about your competitors, for you not to act reactive – but proactive.

Competitors insight look atGoogle Search, campaigns, listens to social media, give high tech insight, people insight and many other things, that together give you an invaluable insight and overview of your competitors.

Google Analytics-plugin

In addition to the core functions in Google Analytics, there are more than 70 different apps and extensions within visualization, data enrichment, CRM and many other areas that together can create an individually targeted Analytics set-up for your company – without extensive programming or development.

By combining your Google Analytics set-up with the right apps and plugins, you can improve your data, add new dimensions or give yourself more task-based recommendations.

Speed Learning App

How do you access new knowledge efficient and concentrated, and how do you onboard or offboard in an efficient manner?

How do you assure that values and new strategies are anchored in your organization?

How do you increase the concentration level, remove disturbing elements and become more efficient?
How do you get the most out of your hours?

IIH has through the 4 day work week project developed a speed learning app, that increases your efficiency, your knowledge and your concentration, while it at the same time assures that you develop your intelligence, even on a busy day.

AdWords Automization 2.0

Automatically turn up or down your bid to achieve your preferred ranking, pause adds if they do not perform, or send an email to yourself if a campaign budget is coming to an end.

These are just a few of the many possibilities for optimizing your AdWords performance through automation.

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