Increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising

Smart handling of digital campaigns 

Google’s ad-serving system Google Marketing Platform is one of the worlds most used and advanced platforms for purchasing, handling, and reporting of digital advertising.  We have great experience of using Google Marketing Platform and understand how your company can gain value from the platform. The opportunities of the platform together with our knowledge give you the best possibilities to get the maximal value from your budget. At the same time, Google Marketing Platform is an efficient tool for bigger organizations, as it gathers data from all digital campaign activities and presents the results across target groups, channels, and platforms. Let us help you to reach your full digital potential.

Steen Rasmussen

Digital Strategist & Senior Partner
+45 70 20 29 19

We use Google Marketing Platform to give you

  • Planning, execution, and monitoring in one smart platform

  • Efficient campaign management that saves you time

  • The opportunity to reach more potential customers in your target group through the many formats and channels

  • Gather insights of your activities and their results

  • The opportunity to integrate your Analytics-data

  • More efficient use of your advertising budget

Efficient advertising management

With an efficient user interface and integrated technology, Google Marketing Platform gathers planning, execution, and monitoring of digital campaigns. We can thereby more easily advice you about how you best possible can use your budget across platforms. At the same time, Google Marketing Platform also provides a bigger picture and insights into the customer journey across channels, which opens up for a better use of your advertising budget.

As competition increase and users become more critical, efficient advertising can become a challenge, that requires constant adjustments and optimization. Google Marketing Platform makes the daily handling simple, through continuous optimization of bidding price, monitoring of digital campaigns and a clear overview of your marketing activities. This allows you to spend your time on strategic decisions and value-creating activities, where our knowledge can make a big difference for your organization.

Specialists in data-driven technology

Intelligent use of data and technology are fundamental in the everyday work at IIH Nordic, and we continuously work with optimizing and making our organization and our work more efficient. Our clients who are using Google Marketing Platform are bigger Danish and international organizations, that all have high expectations and requirements for the work we do for them, and the technologies we deliver.

Therefore, it is not only the technology we deliver but also the expert knowledge and experience, that makes us able to use the technology in the best possible way.

If you want to hear more about Google Marketing Platform and how it can create value for your organization, you are welcome to contact us for a non-committal meeting.