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Searchmetrics – Advanced SEO-analysis with the worlds best SEO-tool

IIH Nordic are partners of Searchmetrics, what is considered to be the best SEO-tool on the market. The tool and its deep analysis and incredible amount of data is unique and can give you an insight and understanding of SEO, that no other SEO tool can provide you.

The amount of information and concrete directions Searchmetrics give you, related to online strategy and SEO is incredible. By using the SEO tool Searchmetrics you will experience a clear competitive advantage and can work efficient and strategic with SEO.

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Invaluable knowledge from Searchmetrics for optimization of your webpage

First and foremost, you can save a lot of time and money by working more efficient and smart with your SEO activities. At the same time, Searchmetrics can help you with getting an overview of your onsite-challenges and optimize your webpage’s technical challenges. Searchmetrics also give you a great overview of your, and your competitors link profile, and create the best links to your webpage, for you to be able to retain those top positions at search engines.

Get a unique insight into your, and your competitors, strengths, and weaknesses.

Searchmetrics monitor over 700 keywords across 75 million domains all over the globe every week. This enables them to always give you information about how different websites are performing on search engines across the world.

Searchmetrics gather all your SEO tools in one package

In modern times, working with SEO equals working with multiple tools, and it is time-consuming to gather and coordinate data across multiple tools. This can now be done much easier and faster in a package, the Searchmatrics SEO tool.
It can help you with:

  • Monitoring your and your competitor’s rankings
  • Monitor your presence on social media
  • Gives you concrete tips and improvements of technology and content
  • Customize advanced and complex reports
  • Connect your Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst data

By gathering several SEO tools in one suite, like ranking tools, backlink tools, crawlers and reports, you bet a bigger and more transparent overview.

Best research tool for SEO

Searchmetrics give you data, that you will not find anywhere ells, and give you insight that improves your bottom line of SEO and online marketing. With the power of their great amount of data, the Searchmetric SEO tool gives you information that in the context of SEO and invaluable.

By a couple of clicks, you can retrieve information that can give your webpage an incredible boost.

Are you more SEO visible than your competitors?
Where do you have the biggest online potential?
What is the value of your organic keywords?

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