Optimize the data set-up with intelligent tag managemnt

Gain the optimal value from your data with Tealium

As a certified Tealium partner, IIH Nordic can help your organization with everything from set-up and implementation to a continuous advisory, sparring, and education in the system.

Tealium is a strong tool, but it requires the right competencies to be able to use all their opportunities and assure continuous development. With strong strategic, business and technological competencies we are ready to assure optimal usage of Tealiums many functions, to maximize the value form your investment.

Among others, we are helping TDC, COOP, and Tryg with their Tealium set-up. DO you want to know more about Tealoum and what it can do for your organization? Contact us for a non-binding meeting where we can tell you how IIH Nordic and Tealoum can create value for your organization.

Steen Rasmussen

Digital Strategist & Senior Partner

+45 70 20 29 19

Help with GDPR compliance

When working with big amounts of customer data it is important to comply with the current data protection regulations. Tealium makes it easy for you to comply with GDPR, as the system help you secure visibility and give you an overview of the gathered data and how you use it. IIH Nordic can help you secure that your Tealium set-up is in accordance with the new data protection regulations.

Closer collaboration with integrated data

With a correct usage of Tealium, you will be able to organize and use your data across channels. At the same time, Tealoum facilitates a simple collaboration across teams and departments by integrating different types of tags and data in one simple system. At IIIH Nordic we can be part of creating an optimal and integrated data set-up that give you the best possibilities to understand your user’s behavior and create better solutions for them.

Efficient set-up

Gather the data sources, integrations and scripts that are most relevant to your organization

Integrated data

Get a better overview of your data and the possibilities it brings

Improved customer insight

Understand your customers better by integrating data related to several types of behavior at different channels.

Optimal usage of Tealium

Tealium is an enterprise tag management-system for ambitious organizations that want to have the optimal overview of their customer data.

IIH Nordic is a certified partner to Tealium, and with their technical expertise, we help bigger Danish and international organizations with maximizing the opportunities with Tealium to gain the most possible value from their data.

Do you want to know how you can gain value with Tealium? Contact us and we will tell you all about how we work with Tealium and how that can bring value to your organization.