4-day work week

Mad or brilliant? We have no doubt – it’s brilliant. Read much more about what we’ve done and the positive impact that working only four days a week has had on our staff.

lille fællesbillede

on a 4-day work week

IIH Nordic’s mission is to create value through the latest technology and digital knowledge by continuously training and developing skilled people.

Our focus on being at the forefront of knowledge and technology not only means that we are leading the industry in terms of exploiting the many opportunities of the digital landscape to create value for our clients. It also means that in early 2017, we were able to introduce a 4-day, 30-hour work week for all IIH Nordic employees – with no reduction in pay. On Fridays, we have the day off.


We experience higher satisfaction, less sick leave and stress, and not least that it has a positive effect on turnover. Happy and motivated employees are effective employees. The idea of the good employee in this process moves away from the long working days towards what the employee actually gets done during the day. It’s about the quality of the hours worked, not the quantity.

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