Marketing automation

The combination of marketing automation and CRM data integration is a powerful tool that gives you an important edge in your B2B marketing strategy. By automating and personalizing marketing processes, you can save time and resources – and achieve better results.

Turn leads into customers with B2B marketing automation and CRM

Competition in the B2B world is intense and customer attention is sparse. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize your marketing efforts to build deep relationships with your target audience. At IIH Nordic, we can help you streamline your marketing processes – and we can advise you on how to reach potential customers in a more personalized and targeted way.

With marketing automation, you can automate tasks like email marketing, lead generation and lead scoring. In addition, it’s possible to track and analyze data from your marketing initiatives. Using advanced tools and software, you can gain insight into how your campaigns and activities are performing. This enables you to make data-driven decisions and optimize marketing efforts.

By integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into your marketing automation strategy, you can take your customer management to the next level. CRM systems allow you to centralize all customer information and interactions. This means that every time a customer interacts with your business, their preferences and behavior are recorded and analyzed. With this data, you can create tailored campaigns that speak directly to the needs and interests of individual customers.

Marketing automation and CRM also help strengthen the collaboration between sales and marketing. The integration of CRM into marketing automation ensures a constant flow of updated and relevant information between sales and marketing. By automating processes like lead nurturing and lead scoring, your marketing department can deliver more qualified leads to the sales team. This can increase efficiency and ultimately improve collaboration between the two departments.

Optimizing your marketing processes doesn’t just benefit you as a B2B company. It also provides a better customer experience with more targeted and personalized messages that increase the chances of attracting and retaining customers.

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These are the challenges our clients often face with marketing automation and CRM

There can be several reasons why B2B companies have challenges in using marketing automation and CRM data. Some of the typical issues we encounter with our clients are:

  • They struggle to measure ROI. Marketing spends a lot of resources on landing pages, ads and content offers, but rarely they can determine what activities generate actual opportunities.
  • They are not taking advantage of the available CRM data or the fact that they have permission to push marketing toward an engaged audience.
  • Marketing and sales don’t support each other. Marketing focuses on non-value-adding KPIs and sales doesn’t contact the leads coming from marketing.

Do you recognize any of these issues from your business? We can advise and assist you on how to use a marketing automation platform to improve your customer relationships, increase sales and strengthen your brand.

Get expert advice and reap the benefits of marketing automation from day one

Whether you’re already familiar with marketing automation or you’re new to optimization processes, we work according to your needs and wishes. A partnership with us is defined by a holistic approach that ensures you realize your full potential, including the integration of CRM strategies.

We take a systematic approach to marketing automation and CRM, which includes the following steps:

  • Defining the customer journey
  • Development of an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Consulting in relation to marketing automation software
  • Develop segmentation strategies in relation to marketing automation tools
  • Plan for implementing marketing initiatives
  • Ongoing hands-on support and execution


We offer help with implementation of marketing automation and can also support you if you only want advice on CRM strategy. In addition, we provide support once the selected marketing automation tools are implemented. With guidance from our experienced specialists, you’ll discover how marketing automation and CRM data can increase revenue, create more personalized customer experiences and break down silos between marketing and sales.

6 great reasons to work with us

  1. We ensure the right message is sent to the right customer at the right time
  2. We set up reporting so you can keep track of your progress
  3. We help you get the most out of your data
  4. We provide suggestions for marketing automation systems that can grow with your business
  5. We facilitate lead quality evaluation to ensure alignment between your marketing and sales departments
  6. We work with some of the largest B2B companies in the Nordics


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