Search engine optimization (SEO)

Since 2005, we’ve helped major Danish and International companies reach the top of Google’s search results – right where it makes a difference in revenue and brand awareness.

Boost your organic traffic and build brand awareness

9 out of 10 customer journeys start in a search engine. Furthermore, search engine optimization is among the most effective digital channels when it comes to ROI. This makes SEO an important discipline, but if you want to maximize the output of your SEO efforts, it calls for strategy and experience – and most importantly, it needs to be aligned with your other activities. That’s why it’s important that we get familiar with your company and everything there is to know about your customers, competencies, business model, ambitions, and KPIs.

Good business understanding and knowledge of your resources, priorities, opportunities, and challenges put us in the best position to help you find out how SEO can make a difference to your business.


These are the SEO challenges we often face with our clients

There are many SEO-related challenges, but the most common ones we see with our clients are:

  • They lack a strategy and/or an understanding of how SEO can contribute and how effective it is compared to other channels
  • They have not identified the keywords that are important to their business
  • The content doesn’t fit the customers’ situation and needs
  • Their technical foundation is inadequate, e.g. on structure, loadspeed, redirects, 404, scripts, etc.
  • The different departments and local entities don’t have a coordinated SEO-effort
  • They are losing market shares to competitors but don’t know the reason
  • They have many visitors but few conversions
  • They need coaching to take SEO to the next level

Do you recognize one or more of the issues in your own business? Then we are the right search engine optimization partnerfor you. Our references include Vestas, Rockwool, VELUX, Alka, Chr. Hansen, Neye, TDC, IKEA, Bonnier, and JDE. We offer broad industry knowledge and lots of experience with both Danish and International clients as well as B2B, B2C, and D2C.

Good business understanding creates the best results

At IIH Nordic, we believe that the best results are achieved with the sharpest minds on board, with access to the latest technology, based on data, and with respect for the client’s objectives.

A partnership in which we dare to demand something.
As a digital agency, we also demand something from you as a client. We do this because we have an ambition to realize your full digital potential, and achieving this together requires the right skills, mutual trust, and close collaboration. We want ambitious clients who want to create success stories with us and who are willing to invest time and resources in their digital business development.

We match your needs for advice, sparring, and execution
If there’s one thing we’ve learned after more than 15 years in the business it is that no two clients are the same. Therefore, our collaborations are always based on your situation, competencies, and needs for advice, sparring, and execution. With us, there are no standardized package deals, but flexibility and an open dialogue about what you need and how we can best help you grow your business. Together we can deliver.

5 reasons to work with us on SEO

  1. We take your professional development seriously
  2. We work with SEO in a bigger context
  3. We have access to the latest tools and technologies
  4. We help you get the most out of your data
  5. We’ve worked with some of the biggest clients in the Nordics


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