Maximizing quality of life through technology

We fulfill our customers full digital potential

With a solid base of experience and with 50 dedicated consultants, IIH Nordic has since 2005 worked with increasing the value of digital investments for both Danish and international companies.

The best possible quality of life through technology

The vision of IIH Nordic is all about life quality. We want to be an extraordinary workplace. This helps us create and retain our amazing, motivated and inspiring employees, who have the drive needed to constantly stay on top of the latest knowledge and developments. They assure that our clients get the best possible help and the most possible value from our collaboration.

Quality of life is defined by three things; meaning, desire and autonomy.

Our work has to come from a desire, it should be meaningful and we need to have autonomy over our life and our time. With the intelligent use of technology, we work with developing a workplace focusing on life quality. We believe that this creates value for both our clients and our employees.

Creating value with the help of the latest technology and continuous development of intelligent people.

For us, value isn’t just monetary. Value is also customer satisfaction, longstanding relationships, and long-term strategies. We can, of course, talk about conversion rate, growth in your traffic or increased ROI. But we would rather talk about being innovative, about being curious and about assuring that our clients have the latest knowledge and the best solutions with an intelligent use of technology. This is, what makes IIH Nordic a different kind of agency. This is what motivates us to come to work every day. And at the end of the day, this is what gives you fantastic results from our collaboration.


We work with complex products and complex businesses in a complex, digital reality. Because of this, trust is essential for us to move forward – both as colleagues, partners, and advisors for our clients.


We take helpfulness seriously. In our daily work and in the bigger perspective. We will deliver quality, and we will deliver results – but we will also always be ready to help when someone needs us. No matter if it is a client, a colleague, or previous partner.


We focus on the happy employee, the good life and on trustful client relations. We want to be happy at work, and we believe that a happy and joy-filled approach to our work will help us provide our customers with extraordinary results.