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At IIH, we’ve been helping businesses with the Google Marketing Platform for many years, and we know what it takes to get the most out of the platform so you can beat your competitors and create results that matter.

Get successful advertising

Few companies today lack data. Today, we talk more about the fact that companies have so much data that it is difficult to find exactly what creates value for the business. The large amounts of data flowing through your digital business place high demands on data processing, and it can be both expensive and inefficient if you don’t have a complete overview of all your marketing activities.

No digital business can avoid using different platforms for their marketing, but centralizing data can create the missing overview, provide valuable insights into your target audiences and open up Big Data. These are just some of the opportunities your business can benefit from using Google Marketing Platform – and our specialists are ready to help you all the way from implementation to execution and monitoring.


These are common challenges our customers have with Google Marketing Platform

Many businesses are not realizing the full potential of their various platforms, and some of the issues we often see with our customers are:

  • They need to centralize data
  • They have a complex customer journey that spans multiple channels
  • They find it difficult to cope with the many different systems

Do you recognize these issues from your business? Then we can help you with your advertising. Among our clients you will find. Nilfisk, Q8, Boligsiden, Balder and TopDanmark.

DV360: Google Display and Video 360

We help businesses reach their target audience across different digital channels with DV360. Our specialists improve the effectiveness of our customers' advertising strategy through data and automation, so they get the most out of Display and Video 360.

Search Ads 360 (SA360)

Search Ads 360 is an essential tool to transform your digital marketing and support you in achieving your business goals - and with the help of our specialists in SA360, we'll set the course for your digital success together.

Google Tag Manager

Our solid experience with Google Tag Manager (GTM) ensures you the best advice and handling of the tool. We can help you get started with the many possibilities of Google Tag Manager and support you in managing and implementing tags in an efficient and flexible way.

Looker Studio: Powerful dashboards for data visualization

Take control of your data and unlock the analytical potential of your business with Looker Studio - we make sure you get the most out of your technology with interactive dashboards.

Google Analytics 360: Get the most out of your data with GA360 and GMP

When Google Analytics 360 is combined with other Google Marketing Platform products, you get a complete, data-driven solution that covers the full spectrum of digital marketing activities.

Create competitive advantage by bringing your data together in one place

To thrive digitally, you need to be in control of your data. The many different platforms used for digital activities today make it complicated for companies and individual departments to get an overview and really benefit from the synergies that can arise from working across platforms and with the different digital disciplines.

Google Marketing Platform gives you an overview you’ve never had before. Meaningful data from different tools, all in one place. It’s the platform where more than 100 solutions come together in one, providing endless opportunities for cross-team collaboration, cross-platform and cross-device reporting, and the ability to analyze data holistically rather than in silos.

At IIH, we are a Google Premier Partner and thus among the top 3% of all Google Ads agencies in Denmark. In addition to giving you access to, for example, beta features, extended support from Google and special industry insights, it also means that we know exactly what you can achieve by using the Google Marketing Platform and how a setup can be put together optimally for your business.

5 reasons to work with us

  1. We take your professional development seriously
  2. We think of Google Marketing Platform in a broader context
  3. We have access to the latest tools and technologies
  4. We help you get the most out of your data
  5. We’ve worked with some of the biggest clients in the Nordics


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