Future-ready Measurement in the Post-3rd Party Cookie Era

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, marketers are facing a wave of challenges that fundamentally alter how we measure online campaigns. At the forefront are regulatory and technical shifts that are reshaping advertisers’ capabilities and strategies. Increasing regulations on consent collection have established a world where user permission is paramount, demanding adaptability and innovation in data collection methods.

The granularity we once relied on is fading, as event-level conversion data becomes less precise. The impending extinction of traditional identifiers like third-party cookies and device IDs, driven by privacy-centric changes like Google’s third-party cookie phase-out by the end of 2024 and the introduction of its Privacy Sandbox, is commencing a new era of digital marketing. This shift is further accelerated by Apple’s latest move with iOS 17’s Link Tracking Protection, which aims to improve user privacy by limiting data tracking through links.

Adapting to the New Norm: Rethinking Targeting, Measurement, and Transparency

In this transformative time, the decline of third-party cookies requires a radical rethink of targeting and personalization strategies. Media platforms are pivoting towards alternatives like first-party data, contextual advertising, and privacy-compliant identifiers. The shift also brings new challenges in measurement and attribution, necessitating innovative, less third-party data-dependent approaches.

Emphasizing consent and transparency has become critical. Media platforms must prioritize user consent for data collection and be transparent in their data usage to build trust, a cornerstone in today’s digital marketing era. This shift leads advertisers to reassess ad budget allocations, moving away from traditional tactics towards contextual advertising and content-driven campaigns.

The strategic use of first-party data has emerged as a key focus for marketers. As third-party data becomes less reliable, leveraging first-party data provides direct, compliant insights into consumer behavior. It’s essential not just to collect data but to harness it effectively for personalized marketing, enhancing customer experiences, and maintaining a competitive edge. Building robust first-party data capabilities is fundamental for sustainable customer engagement in a privacy-first world.

With increasing privacy awareness among users and heightened regulatory measures, we’re experiencing a paradigm shift in digital marketing. This change demands that marketers adapt their measurement strategies to be more aggregated and flexible, preparing for a future marked by increased complexity in digital measurement.

Navigating this evolving landscape requires a deep understanding and proactive approach.

Empowering Measurement Transformation: The IIH Strategy for First-Party Data Excellence to Thrive in the New World of Measurement

In the swiftly transforming area of digital measurement, the businesses poised for success are those that have mastered the art of first-party data activation. It’s about creating a synergy between business acumen, legal prudence, and engineering innovation to build customer journeys that are meaningful. The key? A data strategy that doesn’t just complement, but powers your business strategy, turning first-party data into a goldmine of insights and opportunities.

Enter IIH’s strategic blueprint for navigating this new world – a three-tiered approach designed to not just adapt but to thrive. First, we Preserve – safeguarding your existing measurement frameworks with resilient and durable tracking methods like Google Tag & GTM Server-Side. This is about holding onto the proven while gearing up for the new.

Next, we Strengthen – it’s time to reinforce your conversion setup. By integrating privacy-safe features like Enhanced Conversions and FB Conversion API, we’re not just future-proofing your measurement; we’re setting you up to lead the charge in a privacy-first world.

And finally, we Enrich – it’s about elevating your conversion tracking to a whole new level. By assigning tangible, durable values to your customer interactions, we turn data into actionable, insightful narratives. This isn’t just tracking; it’s about understanding the true value of every click, every engagement, and every conversion.

IIH offers solutions to the most pressing, short-term issues marketers face and can help its clients to prepare for the new world of measurement

Embark on a journey of improved marketing efficiency with IIH’s cutting-edge tagging solutions. Our approach begins with setting up robust first-party tracking for AdTech vendors, particularly Google Ads & Floodlight, ensuring that their algorithms are optimally fueled with high-quality data. This precision in data feeds directly translates to more effective campaign optimization and budget utilization. Embrace the new era of measurement with Google’s Consent Mode for Google Ads, Floodlight, and GA4 to strike a balance between user privacy and insightful measurement.

Dive deeper into the realms of data sophistication with IIH’s premium GTM Server-Side setup. Whether your website witnesses low traffic volume or high, our tailored solutions offer cost-optimized setups for the former and seamlessly scalable infrastructures for the latter. This pivotal component is essential in maintaining the integrity of your marketing performance measurement and enriching your systems with essential data.

Our self-hosting of gtm.js & gtag.js scripts is a game-changer in safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring higher compliance and security, and enhancing data acquisition by mitigating Browser Tracking Prevention and Ad Blockers. With the GA4 data stream, lay the groundwork for a myriad of GTM Server-Side use cases, establishing GA4 event stream as the cornerstone enabler.

Moreover, our approach to preserve gclids, fbclids, and other vendor-specific query parameters allows you to effectively mitigate the impact of Apple’s Link Click Tracking Prevention, maintaining your capability to precisely measure campaign performance from Google Ads, DV360, SA360, and other vendors. The integration of Server-Side Measurement and Conversion APIs (CAPIs) takes this a step further, countering the effects of ad blockers, refining data quality, and improving the bid management algorithms of both Google and Facebook. This holistic approach not only empowers you with superior data management and control over the data shared with media suppliers but also catapults your campaign efficiency to new heights, ultimately driving an unparalleled improvement in Marketing ROI.

In the ‘Enrich’ phase of our strategy, we introduce the ‘Enhanced Conversions’ feature, a tool designed to improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement and elevate your bidding strategies to new heights. This feature smartly supplements your existing conversion tags by securely transmitting hashed first-party conversion data from your website or server-side GTM container to Google. With the use of the SHA256 algorithm, a robust and privacy-compliant hashing method, your first-party customer data, such as email addresses, are safely processed before being shared with Google. This not only ensures privacy compliance but also taps into the potential of Google’s advanced conversion modeling solutions to give you a clearer, more accurate picture of your conversion landscape.

Taking a leap further, we focus on shifting your bid strategy from mere volume to value, a move that can yield up to 14% more conversion value. By aligning your marketing efforts with your business objectives, either through APIs or GTM Server-Side, you can maximize the value of each conversion. This strategy is about tracking, adjusting, or importing conversions in a durable and meaningful manner, ensuring every marketing decision and bid is not just data-driven but profit-oriented as well. Whether it’s leveraging profit-based bidding or optimizing for predicted customer lifetime value, our approach is designed to align closely with your unique business goals, ensuring that every advertising spend is an investment towards measurable, sustainable growth.

We also integrate the powerful Google Ads Customer Match, unlocking the full potential of your first-party data. This feature enables you to re-engage with your existing customers and discover similar prospects across Google’s extensive network including Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. By creating a customer list filled with contact information provided by your users, such as email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and mobile device IDs, you open doors to highly targeted and personalized marketing opportunities.


Harnessing the power of different technologies: Beyond cookies in digital marketing

The strategies we’ve outlined, encompassing Enhanced Conversions, profit-centric bidding methods, and the dynamic capabilities of Google Ads Customer Match, represent just a glimpse into the vast arsenal of technologies available to supercharge your marketing performance. These selected tools are cornerstone elements in a larger mosaic of digital marketing innovations. Each component plays a pivotal role, but it’s important to remember that they are part of an expansive suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to meet diverse marketing needs. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too does the array of technologies at our disposal, each offering unique opportunities to refine, enhance, and revolutionize the way we approach marketing in the post-3rd party cookie age.

Advertisers will need to invest in multiple technologies to provide both durability and comprehensiveness to your conversion data. There is no one size fits all replacement for cookies and hence it is important to invest in multiple technologies, and we expect 1st-party cookies and other future technologies to coexist in the near term.

Elevating Your Marketing Future: Partner with IIH’s Expertise in the Digital Revolution

As we navigate through these transformative times in digital marketing, the need for a forward-thinking, expert-driven approach has never been more crucial. IIH, with its team of seasoned specialists in SEM, Paid Social, Measurement & Engineering, and Data Science, stands as your ideal partner in this journey. We are not just equipped to future-proof your marketing performance; we are dedicated to elevating it to new heights of success and innovation.

Don’t let the rapid changes in the digital world outpace your marketing strategies. Join forces with IIH and harness the full power of our expertise and cutting-edge solutions. Together, we can create a marketing landscape that not only responds to today’s changes, but also anticipates tomorrow’s opportunities. Contact us now to start reshaping your marketing narrative and ensure your business doesn’t just adapt, but thrives in the evolving digital age.

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