How to avoid losing your data from Universal Analytics

In 2023, Universal Analytics (UA) shut down, and since then GA4 has taken over as an important data tool in many organisations. It is still possible to access historical data in UA, but this feature will soon be a thing of the past. As of July 1st 2024, companies will no longer be able to view data in UA, and many risk losing valuable insights.

If you want to export historical data from Universal Analytics, you will need to do so in the near future. It is possible to retrieve the valuable numbers from the tool yourself, but it requires both time and knowledge of how the process of extracting data works.

When is it relevant to export data from UA?

For some organisations, the lack of access to data in Universal Analytics can be a significant issue. This is especially true for companies that launch many campaigns and need to compare how previous years’ efforts perform against new campaigns. From the beginning of July, they will lose the ability to utilize these insights in their strategies going forward – allowing them to make more informed decisions based on data.

Specific insights require expertise

As mentioned, it is possible to export data from Universal Analytics yourself. However, the more specific insights you want to extract, the more time and expertise you’ll need to spend on getting hold of your data. We see this problem with several of our clients. Often it’s not enough to extract standard data. For example, if you want to know whether certain links were clicked on in one of your company’s campaigns, you need to use a custom data extract to retrieve that information.

Get a clear overview of your data with a dashboard

Another issue we encounter with our clients is that they struggle to utilize raw data. Often, insights need to be processed and visualized to make it easier to turn them into actions. This challenge can be solved with a dashboard that provides a simple overview of data. A dashboard has to be built from scratch, so you won’t have it if you do your own data extraction from UA.

Let us manage your data journey

Preserving and organizing UA data isn’t a straightforward task, especially with looming deadlines. Our service streamlines this process, ensuring swift and secure execution. Uncertain about the metrics you need? We offer workshops to collaboratively determine the optimal solutions.

In addition to data retrieval, we offer dashboard creation and integration services. By merging fresh GA4 data with historical UA data, we provide a comprehensive overview of your campaign performance.

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