Press release: IIH Nordic’s Recapture helps Gigtforeningen gain deeper data insights

At IIH Nordic, we are proud to present our collaboration with Gigtforeningen. Through the use of our innovative product ‘Recapture’, Gigtforeningen has closed the gaps in their data collection, and the organization now has enhanced efficiency in their digital marketing due to complete insights into visitor behavior, achieved without compromising on GDPR or other data regulations.

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IIH Nordic provides Gigtforeningen with deeper data insights through innovative solution

Gigtforeningen, Denmark’s third-largest patient association, is taking a big step towards more reliable and useful insights into their visitors’ behavior on their website. They do this with the help of data agency IIH Nordic and their groundbreaking solution “Recapture”.

Many Danes say “no thanks” to cookies to protect their personal data and internet behavior. This trend means that companies like Gigtforeningen do not get the opportunity to analyze their visitors’ behavior and thus optimize the customer experience based on data. For a long time, Gigtforeningen has been aware that there were gaps in the data collected in their Google Analytics due to the cookie regulation. When visitors rejected cookies, it was no longer possible for the website to collect data – even in anonymous form. Gigtforeningen contacted IIH Nordic to see if it was possible to close the gap in their data so they could track and analyze the overall traffic on their website – without breaking the GDPR rules.

To help companies solve this challenge, IIH Nordic has developed Recapture.

This innovative solution is a first-of-its-kind solution that allows companies to analyze anonymous data about visitors who decline cookies, while keeping visitors’ personally identifiable data private. This means that they gain access to previously inaccessible data, as they can now measure visitor data on anonymized visitors with Recapture. During the development process, IIH Nordic worked closely with Gorrissen Federspiel, one of Denmark’s leading law firms, to ensure full compliance with GDPR regulations. Unlike other analytics tools, Recapture ensures both GDPR compliance and valuable data that marketing & analytics departments can work with.

“Recapture is, among other things, a flexible proxy solution that sets up a partition between website visitors and third-party tools. This way, data is anonymized in Google Analytics. The anonymization key is changed every hour and neither Gigtforeningen, IIH Nordic, nor Google can recreate it. We have created a solution for the user who wants privacy and for the company that needs to analyze visitor behavior,” says Andreas Brinch, Client Strategy Manager at IIH Nordic.

Recapture creates value for money

Gigtforeningen has now implemented Recapture, which allows them to measure all visitors to their website and use the new insights to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and customer journeys. For example, they can see which media channels have the largest and smallest share of users who say no to cookies. This is an essential insight when working with trust in your website and brand. This innovative solution sets the standard for how associations can preserve members’ privacy while gaining valuable insights into their online behavior.

“Recapture is going to be a huge help for us for two reasons – we become GDPR compliant and we get a better sense of where visitors are coming from. Now we can answer the questions with greater insight: Are we spending our ad budget correctly and how does the user navigate our website? We can already see a clear difference in the behavior of different visitors on our website. We finally have data we can trust,” says Storm Hansen, CRM Team Leader at Gigtforeningen.

After a few weeks Gigtforeningen’s analytics department will be able to extract useful results from their Google Analytics and start optimizing campaigns and website based on the data collected.

About Gigtforeningen

Gigtforeningen is Denmark’s third-largest patient association with 80,000 members. They fight to make life better for the 700,000 Danes who suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis and spinal diseases.

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