IIH Nordic wins ‘Good at analyzing and using data’ for the 10th time in MyImage 2024

In this year’s MyImage survey, IIH Nordic has been named the best agency at analyzing and using data for the tenth time, and this time we also took first place in data integration. Read more about the awards and the work behind them here.

This year’s MyImage survey has landed and we can’t get our arms around the results. IIH Nordic has earned two top rankings – one for the 10th time in the category ‘Good at analyzing and using data’. It’s an achievement that speaks volumes about our expertise in harnessing and activating data to drive our customers’ businesses.

“Being recognized as number 1 in two key categories at MyImage Bureau 2024 is a great honor for all of us at IIH Nordic. Our team has dedicated itself to delivering outstanding results and driving the evolution of data analytics and integration. This confirms our position as the undisputed masters of data, and we look forward to continuing to raise the bar in our industry,” says CEO of IIH Nordic, Lars Gudbrandsson.

New award for the collection

This year, it’s not only in the category of analytics and data usage that IIH Nordic takes home the win. We also took first place in integrating data, further emphasizing our constant focus on realizing our customers’ digital potential.

Over the past three years, we’ve gone from third to first place in this particular category. A development we are extremely proud of, as it cements that we are not only good at collecting data, but also at transforming it into meaningful insights that drive strategic decisions for the benefit of our customers.

Take the lead with us

Digital marketing will undergo major changes in the coming year – not least in the handling of data when, among other things, third-party cookies are phased out in 2024. If you need help getting even more out of your data, our team of experts are ready to address your specific challenges. We know what it takes to make the most of your data.

About the MyImage survey

The MyImage survey is conducted by MyResearch and sheds light on marketers’ views on the agency industry. This is the 16th MyImage survey and over 1000 marketers participated in this year’s survey.

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