Mapping GA4 Conversions in BigQuery for Comprehensive Dashboarding

Recently, I found myself in a situation where I needed to use Google Analytics (GA4) conversions in BigQuery (BQ) for a dashboarding project. The dashboard was built on raw GA4 event data extracted from BQ, including data from multiple GA4 properties, each with its own set of conversion events managed by different teams and edited […]

Consent Mode v2 – A Comprehensive Technical Guide

In fall 2023, the EU has deemed Google as a gatekeeper in the digital space under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), placing it under heightened legal scrutiny. In response to this assessment and to meet the DMA enforcement deadline in March 2024, Google is adjusting its advertising solutions. One aspect of this change is the […]

GA4 – The CDP You Didn’t Know You Had

This article is a write-up of my talk at MeasureCamp Czechia in Prague in September 2023 – thanks to everyone who attended the session and provided feedback. I’ll explore how Google Analytics 4 (GA4) can be used as a lightweight Customer Data Platform (CDP) and how it can be integrated with other tools to create […]