98% increase in conversions through a new strategy

A restructuring of the campaign set-up, optimizing and writing new ads, and using Google's own machine learning capabilities in Google Ads, the campaigns were targeted toward the relevant audience and the budget was focused towards the right areas of Telenor Erhverv's business.

98% more conversions

86% increase in conversion rate

18% reduction in conversion costs

The overall challenge

Telenor Erhverv was convinced that they could get better results from their Google Ads campaigns.

Our solution

By restructuring the campaign setup, optimizing and rewriting ads, and using Google’s machine learning capabilities in Google Ads, we were able to target campaigns to the relevant audience and focus the budget toward the right areas of Telenor Erhverv’s business.

Main results

By rethinking the structure and using the correct Google bidding strategies, we could increase performance:
98% boost in conversions
86% boost in conversion rate
21% reduction in lost views due to budget constraints
18% reduction in cost per conversion

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