Tandlægen.dk’s customised Google Ads strategy increases conversions by 55%

55% increase in conversions

4.48% increase in clicks

36% reduction in cost per conversion

Tandlægen.dk is a Danish chain of dental clinics with 46 locations across Denmark. The chain operates in a highly competitive market. The challenge was therefore to increase the influx of patients to their clinics. It required strategic and targeted digital marketing to meet this challenge. That’s why tandlægen.dk teamed up with IIH Nordic to help advertise the clinics via Google Ads.


  • 55% increase in conversions
  • 4.48% increase in clicks
  • 36% reduction in cost per conversion

Legislation gets in the way

Denmark has complex rules and legislation when it comes to patient safety and safety, which created a barrier to direct access to performance data. For this reason, a goal was set to increase the number of conversions by 25% in one year over the course of a year, and the success of the campaign was to be measured through KPIs such as clicks, conversions and quality score. In addition, it was necessary to create a detailed and segmented campaign structure that ensured presence in relation to the location of potential patients.

Focus on geographical presence

The collaboration between IIH Nordic and tandlægen.dk resulted in a customised strategy that focused on improving online reach and conversion rates through paid search. By customizing the geography of each campaign, we were able to ensure local presence, while a detailed keyword strategy and an effective use of match types, optimized the relevance and effectiveness of the campaigns. The technical implementation of the solutions included careful planning and execution of campaigns, ad groups and keywords, all organised to maximise efficiency.

Conversions at rocket speed

The strategies and solutions implemented led to significant improvements for tandlægen.dk. The results showed an impressive 4.48% increase in clicks, while conversions increased by over 55%, far surpassing the original goal. At the same time, the cost per conversion was reduced by almost 36%, which indicates a significant improvement in campaign effectiveness. The results were supported by an improvement in quality score and increased visibility in local searches.

The collaboration between tandlægen.dk and IIH Nordic illustrates the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. By combining a deep technical insight with a keen understanding of the client’s unique needs and challenges, we managed to deliver measurable improvements and a significant ROI.

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