IIH Nordic & E-Invasion – Reviving ROAS: Targeting Profitable Products with Strategic Precision

41% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

137.5% increase in conversions

164% increase in conversion value

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, businesses face the challenge of maximizing their return on ad spend (ROAS) while navigating a competitive environment. Billige-teste.dk, a leading online retailer of pregnancy and ovulation tests in Denmark, was experiencing a downward trend in ROAS, combined with rising costs per conversion. This posed a significant threat to the company’s profitability and required an immediate and strategic intervention.


  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased with 41%.
  • Conversions increased with 137,5%.
  • Conversion value increased with 164%.

Navigating Ad Hurdles

The challenges faced by Billige-teste.dk were threefold: a continuous increase in Google Ads costs, an escalation in the cost per conversion, and a decline in ROAS. These issues not only undermined the company’s profitability but also its ability to effectively reach its core audience – women aged 20-40 looking for reliable and affordable family planning products. Additionally, the sensitive nature of the product complicated the use of certain advertising features, necessitating a more nuanced approach to online marketing.

A Strategic Turnaround

With IIH Nordic’s deep understanding of the nuanced challenges the company faced and a strong background in data-driven digital marketing a tailor-made strategy was developed to address these issues. This strategy focused on optimizing product feeds, adopting a selective approach to product selection, and implementing Performance Max campaigns for retail with smart bidding to ensure that only the most profitable products were highlighted.

Profit-Driven Analysis Elevates Shopping Campaigns

At the heart of the approach was a meticulous analysis that identified the most profitable and best-selling products. By prioritizing these products in the Shopping campaigns and optimizing product feeds, ROAS was effectively increased. This methodology was supplemented with modern Performance Max campaigns, allowing for dynamic and efficient advertising within the existing restrictions. Efforts were also intensively focused on landing pages to encourage customers to increase their average basket size, further boosting the company’s revenue.

Billige-teste.dk’s ROAS increases with 41%

The results spoke for themselves. Billige-teste.dk saw a significant improvement in their digital marketing efforts, with ROAS increasing with 41%, conversions increasing with 137,5% and conversion value increasing with 164%. This strategy not only resulted in a direct financial gain but also in a stronger market position. Through IIH Nordic’s expertise and a data-driven approach, the initial challenges were transformed into opportunities for growth, solidifying Billige-teste.dk’s status as a leader in their niche.

A Digital Marketing Success Story

The partnership between IIH Nordic and Billige-teste.dk demonstrates the power of a strategic and data-oriented approach to digital marketing. By combining deep business insight with technical expertise, they not only managed to reverse a downward trend but also set new standards for how businesses can navigate digital advertising environments with limitations. This case study serves as proof that, even in the face of complex challenges, a well-considered strategy and partnership can lead to breakthrough results and a stronger business model.

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